Cheapest ways to watch The Walking Dead season 9

Watch every episode of The Walking Dead without subscribing to Sky, Virgin or TalkTalk.

Season nine of The Walking Dead returns on FOX on 8th October and will be live every Monday after that for about eight weeks – and I’ve found a way for you to watch it for free!

If you’re catching up, it’s also possible to watch all the previous seasons for free – there have been 107 episodes so far! More on this at the bottom of the page, or jump with these shortcut links.


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FOX is available if you get your TV from Sky, Virgin or TalkTalk, but these all come with expensive and long-term subscriptions.

However, there is a cheap and legal way to watch the latest episodes, and all the old ones, without committing to months and months of payments. It’s called NOW TV.

It’s like Netflix for Sky channels, and you can watch the programmes live, or on catch up for around four to six weeks. However you can’t download them to watch offline (yet).

The Entertainment pack costs £7.99 a month, and you don’t have to commit to any longer than 30 days at a time. It not only comes with FOX, but also Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central and Sky One.


Watch the new series of The Walking Dead (Season 9) for free on NOW TV

If you’ve not signed up to cashback site Quidco or NOW TV before you can watch the new series for free! In fact you’ll make a little profit.

Here’s how it works.

  • Sign up to Quidco via this special NOW TV cashback link
  • Search for NOW TV and then choose the Entertainment pass
  • You should be redirected to NOW TV and be presented with a special offer to get three months for £14.47. Choose this.
  • Quidco will then add £8 to your cashback account (it can take a while for the money to be confirmed)
  • You’ll also then get a bonus £10 cashback as a new Quidco customer

So for your £14.47 spend you’ll get £18 cashback, meaning you’ll be up £3.67. Plus you’ll be able to watch not just all eight episodes of the new series, but you’ll also have NOW TV until early January.

This deal stack only works for new Quidco members and new NOW TV subscribers. Do check the cashback rate as this can change daily.

> Get up to £18 cashback when you buy a NOW TV pass through this Quidco link


 The cheapest way to watch The Walking Dead season 9 for existing NOW TV users

If you’re not new to Quidco or NOW TV, there are still plenty of ways to save. I normally manage to pay around £3 a month by getting the best deals when they appear.

I regularly update out the latest offers in my NOW TV deals page, but your best bet at the moment is probably going to be to order a three-month month gift card from Amazon for £11.99, saving you 50% vs buying a pass month by month direct from your NOW TV account.

> Get three months of NOW TV entertainment for £11.99 from Amazon

Find the latest deals and discounts for existing NOW TV customers


Cheapest ways to catch up on previous seasons of The Walking Dead

You can watch the previous season on Amazon Prime and NOW TV.

Watch seasons 1 to 7 on Amazon Prime for free

If you’re new to the series, you can stream series one to seven on Amazon Prime Instant Video. The 30-day free trial should get you through a couple of series. After that it’s £79 a year, though you also get other Amazon Prime perks.

> Try Amazon Prime for 30-days for free

Watch seasons 1 to 8 on Now TV and Sky On Demand

The only way to stream season eight is via Sky and NOW TV, which both have the added bonus you can watch the new season too, as explained above. It also has the other previous seasons, though this is only until the end of November.

The best deals to get Sky’s subscription free NOW TV


Buy Season 8 on DVD or download

Your final option is to buy the DVD, Blu-Ray or digital copy.

The cheapest I found is at Amazon for £23 (DVD) and £29.99 (Blu-Ray).

Cheaper is to buy the season from Google Play and watch it digitally. It’s currently £13.99.

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