Why you need to cancel NOW TV (and how to do it)

Plus a trick to save you money every single month.

I’m a big fan on NOW TV as a way to watch premium channels such as Sky Atlantic or Sky Sports without a long and expensive subscription to Sky or Virgin.

It’s generally cheaper per month and you only need to commit on a month by month basis.

Despite this I think you should cancel NOW TV every month – even if you want to carry on watching.

Here’s why, and how to do it.

Rather watch than read? Here’s my video on cancelling NOW TV

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Cancelling because you’re not watching

Of course, cancelling NOW TV is a given if you aren’t watching it. You’re not saving money if you’re paying for something you don’t need.

But even if you are using it, it might not be enough to justify the price. We have so many streaming options that I think we don’t need more than one or two in any given month.

Any more than that there’s a good chance we just won’t watch more than an hour or two of our third or fourth option. If that.

So it’s better to pick and choose your service, and binge watch the ones you are paying for. Then switch to a different one the following month.

Cancelling to get a better deal

There are lots of ways to save money on NOW TV passes, though there are less than there used to be (here’s my regularly updated list of deals).

In fact, I never pay full price for a NOW TV pass. I rarely, if ever, pay more than 50%. And the easiest way to find a discount is to cancel.

When you go through the process (see the video above) the final page you get will usually offer you a discount for your next pass. It could even say that offer will last for longer, say three or six months.

Sometimes these are cracking deals, with huge savings. I’ve had £1.99 a month movies in the past, or £2.99 Entertainment. Sometimes they aren’t as good as what you can get elsewhere. And sometimes you don’t get anything.

But it’s always worth checking to see what is there rather than letting it auto-renew at full price.

How to cancel NOW TV

Cancelling NOW TV is one of the more annoying ones to complete, but it doesn’t take long.

Navigate in your account to your passes, then select cancel. You’d think that’d be it, perhaps asked to confirm you mean to do this.

But you’ll actually be asked something along the lines of “Are you sure” two or three times! I know people sometimes think they’ve done it but didn’t complete the process.

The important thing is to make sure you get confirmation of cancellation. This should show on the final screen, but I’d always double check in your account too to make sure it’s gone through.

Remember the video at the top of this article takes you through step by step.

6 thoughts on “Why you need to cancel NOW TV (and how to do it)

  1. Wanda Cristina pasi May 29, 2021 at 10:36 pm

    Cancelling my tb now because more the 3 months not using

  2. Hi Andy
    My 3 month sports pass is finishing on 15/04 I’ll then be billed£33.99
    How likely am I going to get it at a reduced rate?
    Or is it a try and see!!

    1. Try it and see I’m afraid! It’s less common on sports passes than Cinema or Entertainment

  3. Just did this to my movie pass, normally 11.99 a month, now 5,99 a month for 6 months. Brillant stuff, thakn you

  4. I totally agree with what you are saying. I got 12 months Movies & 12 months Entertainment passes for £99 total price, No worrying about renewing for the whole year! I’ve just cancelled them now as I’m hoping I will get a similar deal this Christmas.


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