Clever Site: NOW TV

Want to get Sky shows or movies without getting a dish or contract? Well you can with NOW TV. Here’s my review.

I mention NOW TV – Sky’s on-demand service (a bit like iPlayer) – most weeks in my Cheap Night In feature. That’s not without reason.

For £6.99 you can get their Entertainment pack, with live streaming of loads of Sky channels (Atlantic, Fox, Sky One and more), 4 week on demand catch up and a selection of box sets (as I write that includes every Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire episode – see our picks of online TV shows).

Alternatively you can subscribe to the Sky Movies pack, which has far more recent movies that Amazon Prime or Netflix. That costs £9.99 a month.

You can also get a day pass to Sky Sports for £6.99 until late November, then it’s £9.99.

Combined it’s relatively expensive, but choose one of them and they represent really good value for money against one of the other streaming services.

How it saves you money

If you want to watch most of the big US programmes such as Game of Thrones, Mad Men or True Detective as soon as they air in America you need Sky Atlantic. Or you need to wait for the DVD and fork out over £20.

Sky Atlantic isn’t available on Virgin, BT, Talk Talk or other pay service. It’s either Sky itself, which has 12 or 18 month contracts and costs £21.50 a month, or NOW TV for under a fiver.

Likewise, if you only want to watch the odd day of sports or pick and choose when you watch the movies, you’ll make a big saving against the subscription.

So, Also, it’s month by month, so you can have it for as few or many as you like. Just want to watch Boardwalk Empire? Sign up after a few weeks to catch up on the first episodes then watch the others as they go out. You’re free to cancel when it’s over. Just remember to do it!

LINK: Get the Entertainment package for £6.99 a month

LINK: Get the Sky Movies package for £9.99 a month

LINK: Get the Sky Sports day pass for £9.99

How to watch

You can watch it via it’s website, easily connected to your TV with a couple of cables or via an app on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Youview or iPads.

If you’d rather watch it direct on your TV you can buy a NOW TV box, which also gives you access to iPlayer, ITV player and 4OD. That’s a great but of kit all on it’s own!

The box is normally £9.99 but can can get it for less as part of a pack.


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