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It’s back! Game of Thrones is finally returning to Sky Atlantic for season 7. Here are the vouchers, offers and tricks to watch it for less. You can even get paid for the pleasure!

Game of Thrones may be the most pirated show in TV history, but there are a few very low-cost ways for you to watch it legally in the UK – a far better option.

How to watch Game of Thrones season 7

The new series begins on Monday 17th July 2017, airing in the UK on Sky Atlantic first thing in the morning (2am) and repeating later in the evening (9pm).

The problem for most people is this channel is exclusive to Sky. You can’t get this channel on BT, Virgin, Talk Talk or any other pay TV provider (no wonder so many people download it illegally!).

However you don’t need to have a Sky dish and subscription. You can watch it instead contract free via Sky’s NOW TV service. Like iPlayer or Netflix you can watch all the Sky entertainment channels live or catch up on-demand. So you can sign up to watch the new series then cancel once you’ve seen all the episodes.

You’ll need the Entertainment package which currently costs £6.99 a month. From 15th August it will increase to £7.99. There are only seven episodes in this penultimate series of Game of Thrones, which means you’d need to sign up for two months at a cost of £14.98.

But there are some ways to save. Here’s a round-up of the tricks and deals to watch it for less!

1. Get paid to watch it after cashback

Total cost: £10 profit

This is the best deal but only works if you’ve not used cashback site Quidco or NOW TV before.

Sign up to Quidco via the link below and you can get £12 cashback when you buy a NOW TV pass. Then on top of this you’ll get additional cashback. How much that is depends on the pass you buy. The rates can change on a daily basis but at the time of writing it’s £5 for a 14-day free trial and one paid month of the Entertainment Pass.

So you’d spend £6.99 in total, then get £17 back in cashback – leaving you £10 in profit!

If you don’t want to continue with NOW TV at the full price, make sure you cancel before the first month is up.

>> Get £17 cashback when you first buy a NOW TV pass through this Quidco link

.2. Wait until 31st July and save £7.99

Total cost: £6.99

If you’ve previously used NOW TV and just want to watch Game of Thrones, the cheapest option is to wait a few weeks. You get 30 days with the pass and as long as you can watch the final episode on the date it airs (28th August), you can sign up on the 31st July. You’ll be able to binge on the first three episodes then watch the rest week on week.

Just watch out for spoilers!

>> Get a free trial of NOW TV entertainment to watch Sky Atlantic

3. Buy a three-month pass and save £7.98

Total cost: £14.99

If you don’t want to wait you may as well grab this deal as you essentially get a third month free. It’s also the best deal right now if you think you’ll carry on with NOW TV after Game of Thrones.

You can currently get a cut price Now TV box (which you can plug into your TV) with three months of NOW TV entertainment for just £14.99 at Currys. To subscribe each month would cost you £22.97.

Plus you get a free box (rrp £14.99). It’s pretty handy and includes iPlayer, ITV Player and All 4 catch up services making this a decent saving.

If you just want the pass and no box, Currys has also discounts on gift card passes.

Or if you think you’ll want to also watch series such as The Walking Dead (back in October) you can get six months and a box from Amazon for £29.99. Bargain!

>> Buy a NOW TV 3 month entertainment pass from Currys for £14.99 (worth £36.97)
>> Buy a NOW TV box and 6 months of Entertainment for £29.99 at Amazon (worth £61.93)

.4. Buy a Google Chromecast and get three months for a fiver

Total cost: £30

When you buy a Google Chromecast and you can currently get three months of the NOW TV Entertainment for a fiver. I think this is really good value if you don’t already have a smart TV or

I think this is really good value if you don’t already have a smart TV or another device to watch streaming channels on your main TV. The Chromecast plus into an HDMI slot and allows you to “cast” Sky Atlantic on your TV via your phone – with no wires!

A Chromecast is normally £30 but is currently available for £24.99 from Rakuten TV. Overall you’ll save £18.97 on the package. Oh, you’ll also get a free digital copy of the movie Horrible Bosses.

>> Buy a Chromecast for £25 and then get three months of NOW TV for £5

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