Clever Sites: TopCashback & Quidco Cashback Sites

TopCashback Quidco explained

Earn money back as you spend!

TopCashback and Quidco are the leading cashback sites. These very clever sites work the same way, the difference is in how much they offer, so it makes sense to explain them together.


They earn you money. Simple as that. Read our 12 Basics of Cashback to know why you need to be using cashback sites. We’ve earned £500 in the last 12 months.


Each time you purchase through the sites you’ll be given either a percentage of the cost or a fixed amount. You can withdraw it as cash to your bank or paypal, or get a little more by transferring to a gift card from the likes of Amazon and Boots.

You can sometimes get over £100 when buying items like insurance or mobile phone contracts.


Register online (it’s simple and free) first. If you go through these links you’ll get £1 from Quidco, once you earn £5 of cashback. There are currently no additional bonuses from TopCashback

Then when you go shopping online, search for the shop you want to buy through. If it’s there, you click through to the website you would originally go to and make your purchase. Depending on the merchant you should be able to claim the money between a few weeks and a few months.

There Must Be A Catch?

It’s not always guaranteed. The sites work through tracking cookies on your computer. If you go to another site before making the purchase it might follow a different cookie. Or it might not give you the full amount and you have to put in a claim which delays the cashback. Always go through the cashback site if you return to an order or shop rather than direct to the seller.

Be careful with voucher codes too. If it’s not listed on the cashback page they might not give you the same rate – or even anything – if you use it.

I’d recommend taking a screen grab of the deal offered, and writing down what you spent and when. It’ll help if you need to raise a claim.

Which Is Best?

I prefer TopCashback as they seem to have higher percentages., but both have exclusive deals. Quidco also allows you to register credit cards with them, activating in-store cashback at certain shops. With both you can join as an advance member for around £5, which gives even higher rates and better customer service.

Follow these links or the ads below to sign up for TopCashback and Quidco.

I love Quidco
Online Cashback

N.B. Be Clever With Your Cash will get a small amount of money from you joining via these links but we can assure you that we only recommend sites and deals that we believe are the best to help you save money. Any money we raise helps us keep the site spangly and up to date.

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