Music streaming deals

Free trials and savings for Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and more.

Spotify deals

For a more detailed look at the special offers and ways to save with Spotify, check out this dedicated Spotify deals page.

Save money on Spotify

From free trials through to discounted annual memberships, these are the best Spotify deals.

Spotify deals

Amazon Music Unlimited trials and offers

There are standard and HD versions of Amazon Music Unlimited, as well as a free limited version that comes with Amazon Prime.

30-day Amazon Music Unlimited free trial

This offer to try Amazon Music Unlimited is just for new customers. Sometimes there are extended offers for 90-days. You don’t need Amazon Prime to take out this trial. It will cost £10.99 a month afterward.

£8.25 a month Amazon Music Unlimited trick

Amazon Prime members can get a discount to £9.99 a month, or pay an upfront fee of £99 for a full year. That’s all well and good if you have Prime, but you can still get the saving if you’re not.

Simply take out the 30-day free Amazon Prime trial (most people can get this every 12 months, if not more regularly), buy your annual pass, and then cancel Prime. You’ve locked in your Amazon Music Unlimited price at the lower rate!

Apple Music deals

Save money on Apple Music

From free trials through to discounted annual memberships, these are the best Apple Music deals.

apple music deals

Tidal deals and trials

30 days Tidal free 

This offer will get you a month of any Tidal plan, including the top-level HiFi plans for free. You can even get the family plan for this price which allows up to five different accounts for the one price.

Deezer deals

One month of Deezer free

You can get one months of any Deezer membership for free if you’ve never used it before. This works for the £11.99 single account plan, or the £19.99 family plan which will work for six accounts. You’ll pay full price if you don’t cancel before the trial ends.

25% off annual Deezer plan

Pay upfront for Deezer Premium for a whole year at £107.91 and you’ll pay the equivalent of £8.99 a month.

MP3 Download deals, vouchers and offers

iTunes code and card deals

From time to time you’ll be able to get a discount on iTunes cards and codes. I’ve written a dedicated page for these deals so keep checking it. It’s harder to save on these now than it was a few years ago, but you can  sometimes save as much as 20%.

Sell your old CDs, DVDs, games and books

If you’re looking to clear out some old music and other media, then you can get a free £5 credit at Music Magpie when you first make a trade. You’ll be sent a unique code to use which lasts seven days.


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