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Save money on beer from the likes of Brewdog, Beer52 and more.

Craft beer is no longer something you have to hunt around or pay over the odds for (though you easily can). Most supermarkets will stock some decent beers that are actually drinkable and there are subscription clubs and specialist beer shops that are worth checking out too.

I’ve shared how to I get my craft beer in my How to get cheap craft beer article, but this page is dedicated to special offers, sales and vouches which will help you get already cheaper beers for less, or make rarer and more expensive small-batch beers more affordable.

Some articles on the blog contain affiliate links, which provide a small commission to help fund the blog. However, they won’t affect the price you pay or the blog’s independence. Read more here.

Goose Island

50p Goose Island IPA

The Shopmium app has a cashback deal that will mean you pay just 50p for a can of Goose Island IPA from Sainsbury’s. If you’ve not used Shopmium before you can also nab a free pack of pringles when you sign up.

More on Shopmium


There is a £6.95 delivery charge so you need to buy enough to make it worthwhile, though it’s free if you order a certain amount (roughly 48 cans).

Personally, I’d avoid the staples such as Punk and Elvis Juice as they’re often cheaper in the supermarkets, but it’s a good place to pick up one-offs.

Brewdog: 8 beers for £3.95

Brewdog’s new beer club ‘Brewdog & Friends’ is launching in April with 8 beers delivered each month. You can get the first month free as an introductory offer. You do however need to pay £3.95 postage.

If you want to cancel after the first box then do this before the 2nd of May when you’ll be charged for a new box. Fail to do this and you’ll pay £19.95 plus £3.95 for the next box of eight.

Sign up to Brewdog’s Beer Club

Brewdog: Up to 12% cashback 

You can get up to 8% cashback on orders via TopCashback. Plus if you’ve never used the cashback site before you can get an extra new member bonus of £10.

Brewdog: 10% off first orders

There are often codes to save on your first order at Brewdog. The latest I’ve seen is WELCOME10.

Shop in the Brewdog shop

Honest Brew 

I really like Honest Brew’s selection, including my fave brewery’s Kernel and Cloudwater. There is a £5.95 delivery charge for orders under £50.

Honest Brew: £10 off your first order

Sign up to Honest Brew via this referral link and you’ll get £10 off your first order. Minimum spend £35.

> Get £10 off your first Honest Brew order 

Honest Brew: Membership discount 

If you become an Honest Brew member you’ll get up to 15% off beers and express delivery.

It’s free to join, but from the second month onwards you do need to put £10 into the beer bank each month (though you can pause this). That money can then be spent on beers.

Personally I’d be careful about having too much in there as it’s not protected if the website goes bust.

> Be an Honest Brew member

Brew by Numbers

BBNo: 12 beers for under £19

Groupon is offering £16 off Brew By Numbers monthly subscription pack. You get 12 beers for £19 – though you’ll pay full price if you carry on for future months (you can cancel). There’s a £5 delivery charge on top.

Plus, as always with Groupon, there are often voucher codes bringing the cost down further. This is a “local” deal so you’ll need one that covers these. At the time of writing WOW30 will give you up to 30% off. When I tried I was offered 15% off. A quick Google might find you a better code.

Set a Brew By Numbers deal from Groupon

Beer Hawk deals

Another decent online craft beer shop, based near me in Yorkshire. True fact: I nearly bought the house of the guy who founded it!

10% off first orders

I’m not sure this is still valid but it’s worth a try. Sign up to the Beer Hawk newsletter and you’ll get 10% off your first order. 

> Shop at Beer Hawk

Beer 52

Beer52 is a monthly subscription box full of beers and there are always deals out there to save on your first box. Alternatively you can also buy individual beer as you please via an online beer shop.

Also, from time to time Beer52 also offer heavily discounted boxes of beers that are close to or just past the best before date. They’re still good to drink, and I once picked up a fantastic Stone Brewery box with 8 beers for about £12. I’ll add any of these deals I spot below.

Beer52: £5 or £10 off the beer shop

You can use the following codes to get discounts on your beer shop order at Beer52. For £5 off a £25 spend use code BEER52AFFIVE and for £10 off a £35 spend use the code BEER52AFTEN.

> Shop at Beer52’s beer shop

Beer52: Free delivery on beer shop purchases

You can choose instead to just get free delivery from the Beer 52 beer shop with the code AFBEERDELIVERY.

> Shop at Beer52′s beer shop

Beer52: Free beer box trial (pay £5.95 postage)

If you’ve never used Beer52’s monthly subscription box before then you should be able to get a free box of 8 beers for just the cost of postage (£5.95).

If you don’t want to keep getting beers in subsequent months, which will be charged at the full price, you’ll need to cancel. You can choose to take holidays if you’d rather where you miss the odd month.


I’ve not used Beerwulf, but it stocks beers from the likes of Brewdog, ForePure, Magic Rock and Beavertown.

£5 off when you sign up to the Beerwulf newsletter

Sign up to its newsletter and you’ll get £5 off your next order.

Free shipping on full boxes

If you order 16 beers you’ll be eligible for free delivery as this makes up a full box.

> Shop at Beerwulf


Flavourly is another site which offers a subscription or a bottle shop. I’ve not used it myself but they seem to have decent beers listed.

£5 off your first Flavourly order

Use the referral code ANDREWFKQ at the checkout the first time you use Flavourly to save £5. You’ll be able to get your own referral code to share with friends too.

Shop at Flavourly

Offers on Living Social/Wowcher

You can often pick up a mixed case from Flavourly, for example 20 cans for £24 plus £6 delivery. It’s not bad value but the beers tend to be session beers so I think the supermarket bundles are better value.

Look at Flavourly’s latest offer on Living Social

Check out Flavourly deals of Wowcher