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Asda Rewards offers

Asda Christmas Savings Card: get £2 in your cashpot

If you buy or top-up an Asda Christmas Savings Card by £50 or more you can get £2 put into your Asda Rewards Cashpot. In November, you’ll get an additional £1 if your balance is between £30 and £79.

You can get the £2 bonus until 28 January 2024.

Tesco Clubcard offers

Tesco: Collect double Clubcard points

When you scan your Clubcard from 8 January until 25 February 2024, you’ll get double points.

You don’t have to opt-in for the offer, you’ll just automatically get double the points, as long as you scan your Clubcard at the checkout every time you shop.

This works in-store, online, at Tesco petrol stations and in Tesco cafes

Lidl+ offers

Lidl: Spin to Win: chance to win £10 coupon

When you shop at Lidl from 4 to 31 January and scan your Lidl+ app, you’ll be in for a chance to spin the wheel to win a £10 coupon

Lidl says that one in ten will win a £10 coupon, so it’s worth making sure to scan your app.

Nectar card offers

There are a number of different ways to earn and redeem Nectar points, though few actually increase the value of each point. You can read all about those offerls in my Nectar guide, but here I’ll share short term deals.

Expired offers

Nectar: Big Points Swap (expired)

This offer is running from 14 April to 4 May 2022. If you have at least 2,000 Nectar points then it’s worth taking a look at the app to see if you can swap the points for an increased value. It’s only on the app, not online or in-store.

If you are eligible, the offer will be right at the top of the screen, just below your points balance. I had to update my app for the promotion to appear.

*update – it does seem it’s account specific so you might not see the offer even after updating*

You’ll then hopefully see the following options:

  • 2,000 points to £15 (usually worth £10)
  • 4,000 points to £30 (usually worth £20)
  • 6,000 points to £45 (usually worth £30)
  • 8,000 points to £60 (usually worth £40)
  • 10,000 points to £75 (usually worth £50)

Click the option you want and hit confirm. You’ll be issued with a voucher that expires on 4 May 2022. You can’t swap more than 10,000 points.

Unlike the previous Double Up scheme there are few restrictions on using the voucher, so you can use it on your full supermarket shop at Sainsbury’s. However, you do have to select whether you want to use it online or in-store. Alcohol is also excluded, as are the usual suspects like baby milk, tobacco, stamps and more (full list here).

Nectar: 12 days of Christmas (ended)

From 13 to 25 December there’s a new offer each day on the Nectar app. On day one there were 100 chances to win 10,000 points.

Nectar Christmas countdown: earn extra Nectar points (expired)

You can currently earn additional Nectar points with Nectar’s count up to Christmas. You’ve got to activate the offer in your app, then you’ll be given personalised tasks to earn extra Nectar points.

In the team we saw the following:

  • Spend £300 get 1,000 bonus points
  • Spend £200 get 500 bonus points

Once you’d completed the offer, you unlock another go at the same promotion, and a third one after that.

This isn’t going to earn you any groundbreaking amounts (1,000 points is worth £5), but can be a nice way to boost your points if you already shop at Sainsbury’s.

You need to open the offer on the Nectar app by 10 December 2023, which is also the last date to complete the spending.

Tesco Clubcard: Chance to win £500 in gift cards (ended)

Tesco is running a Christmas promotion where you can win a £250 Tesco gift card for yourself and another for a friend, family member or a charity.

You just need to have a Clubcard and upload your Tesco receipt to the dedicated website to be in for a chance. This runs until 17 December and you have a chance each week, so there are three chances in total.

Nectar: Spin to win bonus points and prizes (expired)

This summer Nectar cardholders can get the chance to win bonus points, and prizes until 29 August 2023.

You’ll find the “Spin to Win” game in your Nectar app. Simply tap on the virtual slot machine for your chance to win a reward. If the game doesn’t appear in your app, it’s also available when you log in to your account on the Nectar website.

Prizes up for grabs include bonus Nectar Points, a free pack of selected Walkers or Doritos crisps. You’ll only get one spin and winning isn’t guaranteed.

Lucky spinners can claim their free crisps at Sainsbury’s in-store or online. Any bonus points are automatically added to your Nectar account.

Nectar: Big Points Bonanza (expired)

On Saturday 4 February 2023 everyone can win some bonus Nectar points at Sainsbury’s. You must first activate the offer in your Nectar account.

Then, when you spend at least £20 and scan your card you’ll win some free points, ranging from 50 points (25p) up to 5,000 points (£25).

Sadly it’s just at full Sainsbury’s stores, not smaller Local ones. Also some products won’t count towards that £20 spend, such as alcohol.

There are other draws too. Swipe your card between 27 January and 4 February and you’re in with a chance of winning a daily prize of 10,000 points (worth £50).

There’s also a bigger “Win Big” draw where 50 people will win 1,000,000 points (worth £5,000). You need to enter via your Nectar account.

Asda Rewards: Scan to Win (ended)

If you spend £5 at Asda between 27 November 2023 and 24 December 2023 and scan your Asda Rewards app then you’ll be in for a chance to get up to £5,000 added to your Cashpot. You can enter once per day.

A present will appear in the Home or Earn sections of your app – just tap it to see what you won.

Nectar x Avios swap promotion (expired)

If you set covert 400 for Nectar to Avios, you’ll earn double Nectar points in Sainsbury’s, Argos and eBay until the end of June 2023.

You need to spend at least £1 and swipe your Nectar card at the till. You should get the bonus points at some point by the 28 July 2023.

If you don’t want to keep them as Avios points, you can always manually switch them back, but wait to do this until at least July otherwise you might not get the bonus points.

You’ll also lose some of the value if you do this as though you’ll get 250 Avios for 400 Nectar, you need 300 Avios to get 400 Nectar.

Asda Rewards: Win up to £100 with ‘Spin the Wheel’ (expired)

Asda Rewards members can win up to £100 with the ‘Spin the Wheel’ game in the Rewards app. 

You’ll need to spend £5 or more in-store or online and scan your Rewards app for a chance to spin. 

Prizes of 50p, £1, £5 and £100 are available for each spin and you’re guaranteed to win the bonus each time you spend £5 and spin. However, it’s worth noting that you’ll only get one entry per day. 

Your winnings will be transferred into your Cashpot within 24 hours – which can be swapped for Asda vouchers to spend in-store or online. 

‘Spin the Wheel’ is running until 30 September 2023. 

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  1. I signed up for the automatic points conversion, set up the minimum weekly amount of 400 points. Annoyingly Nectar has converted 40,000 Nectar points to Avios. Phoned up to complain just being told I can convert them back after 10 working days.


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