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Every week we spend hours looking at discounts and deals to pick the good from the bad. We’ll only share ones which we think are worth considering – but remember you’re only saving money if you’re buying something you need and can afford.

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Andy Webb's deals of the week

This week’s deals

Wine: up to 25% off at Aldi

Aldi has cut the cost of more than 70 bottles of wine by up to 25% in the lead-up to Christmas, with plenty at less than a fiver. Plus, several supermarkets are offering 25% off six bottles. Here’s which ones.

Tesco: £30 gift card for £25

Tesco is currently giving away an extra £5 with £25 gift cards when you buy them in-store, but you’re looking out for very specific cards.

Christmas veggies: from 15p

Hold off buying your Christmas veg until next week, as Lidl, Aldi and Sainsbury’s have all announced plans to reduce all the veggies you’d expect to eat on the big day. We expect the other supermarkets will follow their lead. Here are the dates and details.

Quidco: £10 bonus with £50 spend

There are a couple of opt in bouses running on Quidco this weekend. First up there’s £10 off £50 spend on certain fashion retailers on Saturday, then £10 off some gift retailers until Sunday – though be quick as there are limited numbers. Not already with Quidco? Get a £17 welcome bonus here.

NordVPN: 100% cashback

Another flash offer on Quidco, though you don’t need to opt-on to this, is for 100% cashback on NordVPN. However that cashback isn’t paid on VAT, though you can get around this by saying you live in another country. More here.

E.on: £50 off energy

A new tariff from E.on will track at 3% below the price cap, roughly worth £50 a year. Find out more.

Odeon: two tickets for £8

If you have Vodafone VeryMe Rewards then you can get two Odeon tickets for £8. In addition, Amazon Prime members can get two Odeon tickets for £10. Here’s how.

Uber, All4One, Apple & more: up to 20% off gift cards

You can get up to 20% off a range of gift cards at Amazon including a number of restaurants, Uber, Vue, Roblox and Naked Wines. There are also bonuses when you buy gift cards for Apple, AirBnb and One4All via Amazon. Here’s how to buy them.

Disney+: get £5 off with O2

If you add a Disney+ Premium subscription to your O2 contract then you can get it for the reduced price of £7.99 and you’ll get £2 off your airtime plan. Find out how.

Nectar: 12 days of Christmas offers

Head to the Nectar app for giveaways each day until Christmas. Hopefully they’ll be better than the rival digital advents that ran at the start of the month! Find out more.

Pizza Express: 50% off

If you buy a promotional pack of Pizza Express pizza at a supermarket then you’ll find a voucher on the box for 50% off in its restaurants in the New Year. Here’s how to use it.

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