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If I spot special offers on any technology, appliances and electronics I’ll share them here.

Amazon device deals

Amazon is once again discounting the price of its Echo speakers, Kindles and more. But you don’t have to buy from Amazon direct as loads of retailers are price matching.

Here’s a selection:

Echo speaker: £59 (save £30)

Echo Dot speaker: £29 (save £20)

Kindle: £54 (save £15)

VPN offers

“Free” 2-year NORDVPN

A VPN is a service which lets you access the internet privately or browse as if you were in another country (it’s how people watch iPlayer overseas).

From time to time, Quidco is offers 100% cashback rather than the usual 70% on a two-year NordVPN membership, worth around £68.

However, VAT is added on top and cashback doesn’t cover this. So you’re looking at paying around £14, though I know some people have said they’re based in the US or Guernsey to avoid this. Remember if you do pay in a foreign currency it’s best to use a card that won’t charge a fee.

Plus, don’t forget if you’ve not signed up to Quidco yet you can get up to £17 extra back on your first purchase! More on the latest new member deals here.

4 thoughts on “Tech, appliances and electronics deals

  1. Just purchased the deal via Quidco and got £60.50 cash back.

    NordVPN 2 year Premium Subscription was £68.53/2 year

    I put Guernsey as home country for no VAT

    Used my starling card paid USD $89.00 which converted to £66.68

    Total cost for 2 years £6.18

    1. Thanks Kam, good to know!

  2. This seems to be £68 + vat

    1. Thanks for this Paul. I’ve messaged my contact at Quidco again to question this! I’ll update the deal above when I get confirmation as to whether it really is 100% or if it’s 100 without VAT (which isn’t 100% for most of us!)


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