Andy’s deals of the week 14 January 2023

My pick of the best offers and savings.

Every week I spend hours looking at discounts and deals to pick the good from the bad. I’ll only share ones which I think are worth considering – but remember you’re only saving money if you’re buying something you need and can afford.

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Andy Webb's deals of the week

This week’s deals

Lloyds: New £200 switching offer

This week Lloyds launched a new switching offer worth £200 – the most it’s offered yet. It’s only for premium accounts with fees of £10 or £21 a month, but if you don’t want to stick with that account you can downgrade, potentially avoiding the charge completely. Here are all the details.

Yorkshire Building Society: 3.35% limited access

From 17 January Yorkshire Building Society is increasing rates on its Rainy Day saver to 3.35% – though there are limitations. That rate is only on the first £5,000 (it then drops to 2.85%) and you can only make two withdrawals a year. Here’s more in my latest best buy savings guide.

American Express: Huge 70,000 BA Amex Premium Plus welcome

There are a number of boosted Amex welcome offers this week, including a massive 70,000 Avios points for spending £3,000 in three months on the BA Amex Premium Plus, or 20,000 Avios for spending £1,000 in three months on the BA Amex.

And as long as you’ve not had either of these cards in the last two years you are eligible for the Premium Plus offer – even if you’ve got a different Amex already. Here’s more.

Trains: GWR sales

Got to get the train? Nothern has a flash sale with tickets from 50p while GWR is offering 50% off advance fares. More here.

Amazon: £5 off £15 for some

Another Amazon offer that only some of you will be eligible for, but it’s worth checking. More here.

Morrisons: 5p off a litre of petrol

Spend £35 at Morrisons and you’ll get a voucher to save on petrol until Sunday. More here.

Currys: £5 voucher for trash

Take any old bit of tech to Currys and you’ll get a £5 off £25 voucher. More here.

Ikea: £10 off via Amex

If you have an Amex card then it’s worth checking to see if you’ve got a monty off at Ikea offer. I spotted £10 off £100 and £15 off £150 on two of my cards. More here.

Monzo: £10 welcome bonus (LAST CHANCE)

New Monzo account holders who use a referral code can get £10 when they use their debit card, boosted from the normal £5 until 14 January. More here.

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