Finance app offers (July 2021)

Try out new apps to help you and your finances and also get a free money bonus or voucher when you do.

I love trying out new apps that help me track my spending, put money into savings or earn me interest. Often they’ll also come with a welcome or referral offer, and I’ll share these and any other decent ones below.

New customer welcome offers

Snoop: £5 Love to Shop Voucher

Snoop is an app to help you track your spending. It also analyses your bank date to suggest ways you can save money. Right now there’s an exclusive offer to get a £5 Love to Shop voucher, which can be used at 30+ retailers including John Lewis, Asda, Argos, Sainsbury’s and Uber Eats.

The offer is currently running until 5 July or when 1,000 people use the promo. You must go via the link below for the offer to track.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up you need to connect a bank or credit card account and stay connected until 2 August 2021. Vouchers will be paid by 16 August.

Monese: £20 bonus (£5.95 fee)

Monese is another challenger bank that is 100% opened and operated via your mobile phone. You can get up to £15.05 free cash from Monese once you factor in a delivery charge for the card.

New customers can get up to £20 added to your account. You need to open an account with the promo code CLEVERCASH21.

You then need to order a debit card, which costs £4.95 to post. When it arrives activate it and transfer some money to your Monese account.

Then once you’ve used the debit card you’ll get £5 added to your account. Spend a total of £500 with the card and an extra £15 will be added.

Curve: £10 welcome bonus

Curve is a smart card that lets you pay with a single debit card yet connect your other Visa and Mastercards to it via the app – letting you choose which one you with, even after the transaction. Here’s my full review.

When you sign up via this link you’ll be eligible for a £10 welcome bonus – double the standard referral offer of £5. There’s no need to enter the promo code as the link has tracking which will register the offer.

Once you’ve signed up you then need to spend on the card. If you don’t want to wait for the card to arrive in the post you can access the details to use it online via the Curve app, or add the card to your digital wallets such as Apple Pay.

To use the £10 reward you need to use the app to select the Curve Rewards option before you pay.

Chip: 1.25% interest on savings

The Chip app is decent for helping you save, and also now offers a decent rate of interest in the Chip+1 account – though it’s not perfect so do read my review first.

To get the Chip+1 savings account you need to be new to Chip and sign up with a VIP promo code. You can use BCLEVER21 to get access.

2 thoughts on “Finance app offers (July 2021)

  1. For Monese “Spend a total of £500 with the card and an extra £15 will be added.” do i need to spend 500 in specific period of time? like within 1 month ? Thank you

    1. Hi KK, no, the terms from Monese don’t specify any specific time period. A quick hack though is to use it to pay a credit card bill which might help you get there fast.


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