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Fancy saving a little extra on gift cards? Here are some of the latest offers to get you money off.

When you buy gift cards for yourself or as a present, it’s really important you make a note of the expiration date and don’t forget about them at the bottom of the draw! I’ve more details on what to watch for in my article Five things you need to know about gift cards.

Here’s my pick of the latest offers:

Get extra £7 off at Zeek

I’ve blagged an exclusive discount for Zeek users to save an extra £7. This is for one day only – Thursday 7th December.

To get the discount you just need to enter the code CLEVER7. There’s a minimum spend of £47.

This is a great opportunity to save on some top brands. For example, iTunes codes are currently reduced from £50 to £47. Use the code and it’ll be £40, saving you 20%.

If you don’t fancy iTunes, that’s fine as there’s often plenty of brands to pick from – though stock can go quickly. If you’ve never used Zeek before then read the deal below to save an additional £3 on your first purchase.

Do watch out for extra fees on physical gift cards – you’re better off ordering a digital card.

** update 7.59am: apparently this is coming up as new customers only. I’ve got in touch with Zeek and hopefully should get this rectified, so check back later**

** update 9.28am – it now works for existing users but there are only 200 redemptions available, so when they are gone, they’re gone!**

>> Save an extra £7 on gift vouchers on Zeek

Save £3 on already discounted gift cards with Zeek

I love Zeek and I’m always picking up already reduced gift cards for supermarkets, cinemas, hotels and much more. They’re cheap as people are selling off unwanted cards and vouchers, and if it’s a digital code you get access to it instantly.

Plus, you can save an extra £3 on your first order with my code CLEVERCASH. Minimum spend £23.

The ones I often buy include brands such as:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Marks and Spencer
  • One4All
  • Boots
  • SpaFinder
>> Get £3 free credit to spend on gift vouchers on Zeek

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