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Fancy saving a little extra on gift cards? Here are some of the latest offers to get you money off.

When you buy gift cards for yourself or as a present, it’s really important you make a note of the expiration date and don’t forget about them at the bottom of the draw! I’ve more details on what to watch for in my article Five things you need to know about gift cards.

Here’s my pick of the latest offers:

Sell unwanted gift cards with zero fees

From Thursday 21st December until Sunday 7th January, Zeek is removing fees when you sell unwanted gift cards and vouchers.

To take advantage of this promotion you have to choose Zeek credit as your payment – which means you can only then use that money to buy other gift cards through Zeek. However, it will save you the standard 3% for digital vouchers and 6% for physical cards.

If you’d rather get cash then there is a 12% fee for digital cards and 15% for physical cards.

I think this is a decent offer, but you won’t get face value as sellers have to offer their card for at least 7% less than face value.

>> Save an extra £7 on gift vouchers on Zeek

Save £5 on already discounted gift cards with Zeek

I’ve been using Zeek since it launched in 2015, and I’m always picking up already reduced gift cards for supermarkets, cinemas, hotels and much more. They’re cheap as people are selling off unwanted cards and vouchers, and if it’s a digital code you get access to it instantly.

Plus, you can save an extra £5 on your first order with my code CLEVERCASH. Minimum spend £45.

The ones I often buy include brands such as:

  • Ticketmaster
  • Marks and Spencer
  • One4All
  • Boots
  • SpaFinder

Watch out though for extra fees which Zeek has recently started charging. You’ll pay 30p per transaction for digital codes, and £2 for physical cards and vouchers. These aren’t great and make some of the discounts pointless. But there are still some good savings to be made.

>> Get £5 free credit to spend on gift vouchers on Zeek

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