Gift card discounts and offers

Fancy saving a little extra on gift cards? Here are some of the latest offers to get you money off.

When you buy gift cards for yourself or as a present, it’s really important you make a note of the expiration date and don’t forget about them at the bottom of the draw! I’ve more details on what to watch for in my article Five things you need to know about gift cards.

Discounted gift cards

Tesco: 20% off Pizza Express, New Look & Wayfair

Until 19 March 2023 you can save 20% on gift cards for the following retailers at Tesco:

  • New Look
  • Pizza Express
  • Restaurant Card (Cafe Rouge, Bella Italia andvmore)
  • Wayfair

Amazon gift card bonuses

Over on my Amazon deals page I’ve got a couple of deals where you get extra money when topping up your account or buying a gift card. These offers tend to run most of the year, though they are normally only for people who haven’t done either of these in the last three years.

TopCashback: Money back including Asda and Uber

TopCashback has a spin-off site called TopGiftCards with money back on brands including Asda, Ticketmaster, Uber, Costa and Clarks. You need to click through from TopCashback and choose your gift card.

These are all digital gift cards but check the individual retailer terms to see if it can be spent in-store, online or both. Cashback is then paid back to your TCB account. Remember, if you’re new to TopCashback you can also get a bonus of £10 to £15 when you sign up and spend £10.

The value of the gift cards on offer varies from 2% through to 10%, though most are less than 5%. Brands include (values correct as of 1/5/21):

  • Asda – 2.5%
  • Sainsbury’s – 1%
  • Morrisons – 2%
  • Asos – 6%
  • B&Q – 2%
  • Clarks – 5%
  • Costa – 5%
  • Halfords – 5%
  • H&M – 5%
  • National Book Tokens – 5%
  • New Look – 5%
  • Pizza Hut – 5%
  • Primark – 3%
  • Ticketmaster – 4%
  • TK Maxx – 4%
  • Uber – 2%
  • Just Eat – 2.5%

Monese: 10% off at Asda, John Lewis & more

These deals were monthly in 2022, but haven’t run in 2023 so far. You need to be a Monese account holder.

It’s usually 10% off for those with a free current account, increasing to 20% off for those on paid plans. However, there are limited numbers available, and tend to go fast. For that reason it can be risky to upgrade your account to the paid tier just for this offer – you are likely to miss out.

You must have the amount you want to spend in your account before applying the code. Then simply enter the codes below in the Promotions tab in the menu to buy the discounted cards.

The money will instantly be taken from your account. You’ll then be sent a link to swap the credit for digital cards. You can split the credit among different retailers.

Latest Monese offer: 10% off

The most recent is running from Tuesday 20 December and you can get 10% off at Asda, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and other gift cards. Officially it ends 31 December 2022 but there are limited amounts of each code and they can go quick – so you’ll need to be fast.

  • £50 gift card for £45: code XMAS50
  • £100 gift card for £90: code XMAS100
  • £200 gift card for £180: code XMAS200
  • £400 code for £360 – XMAS400

Paid plan account holders were able to get 20% off but these went within an hour of being released.

  • £50 gift card for £40: code CHRISTMAS50
  • £100 gift card for £80: code CHRISTMAS100
  • £200 gift card for £160: code CHRISTMAS200
  • £400 gift card for £340 – CHRISTMAS400

This shops on offer usually include:

  • Adidas UK, Arsenal FC, ASDA, Ask Italian, Boohoo, B&Q, Cafe Nero, Cineworld, Currys, Decathlon UK, Deliveroo, EuroStar UK, Foot Locker, Google Play, Habitat, Halfords, H&M, Jet 2 Holidays by Inspire, John Lewis & Partners, Just Eat, travel, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Nando’s, National Trust UK, New Look GB, Nike, Odeon UK, Photobox, Pizza Hut Restaurants UK, Primark, River Island, Sainsbury’s, Sports Direct UK, Spotify UK, The Body Shop, Ticketmaster UK, Uber Eats, Uber, Virgin GC, Zizzi UK.

Discounted “work-perk” gift card trick, including John Lewis

I’ve written in detail how you can get access to discounted gift cards, including John Lewis and Marks & Spencer, if you open up a Scottish Friendly ISA. 

Amazon: up to 20% off Apple, Vue, Uber & more (expired)

You can pick up discounted gift cards at Amazon until 18 December 2022, including the following:


  • Odeon – 15% off
  • Vue – 15% off


  • Airbnb – £10 off £250 card
  • – 20% off
  • Uber – 10% off


  • Adidas – 15% off
  • Apple – £10 Amazon reward when you spend £100 (£10 credit valid until 5 Feb 2023)
  • Footlocker – 15% off
  • New Look – 20% off

Food & drink

  • Bella Italia – 20% off
  • Cafe Rouge – 20% off
  • Dining Out Card – 20% off
  • Miller and Carter – 15% off
  • Great British Pubs – 20% off
  • Restaurant Choice (includes Nandos and Yo) – 15% off
  • Pizza Express – 15% off
  • Pizza Hut – 20% off
  • Uber Eats – 10% off

My top deals

Here are a few ongoing and recent offers you might have missed:

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17 thoughts on “Gift card discounts and offers

  1. Hi Andy, great blog. Do you know if Monese will offer the Giftcards at all this year. I upgraded 2 months ago because they said if I upgrade I will get the Giftcard offers and then nothing. Did I miss the Giftcard offers?


  2. On latest Monese one (22April) the GROC50 doesn’t work for the £50 but instead you need to have £90 in the account and it gives you a £100 gift card instead…go figure! Foxed me for a while. I guess by now there won’t be any codes left anyway.

  3. as always sold out – no point!

    1. Yeah it’s frustrating as you’ve got to be quick! I shared it on social media as soon as I spotted the email in my inbox and I think it stuck around for a good 5 hours before expiring.

  4. Cheers Andy, the code worked nicely for me. Nice to get little bonuses like this for following your blog, always an interesting read.

  5. It didn’t work for me, said the code was for new customers only!

    1. It should work now. Let me know if it goes through when you try again

  6. Code is NOT working for current customers and says
    Sorry! This code is only for new shoppers


    1. It should work now. Can you try again and let me know?

      1. Was too late Andy! Maybe next time?

  7. Hi Andy. Unfortunately the iTunes code for today (7 Dec) at Zeek is “only for new shoppers” so does not work for me when I put in a £50 iTunes voucher 🙁

    1. I tried it this afternoon and it worked. Thanks Andy.

  8. Very misleading title, Zeek do not offer Amazon as a retailer

    1. They do!! There’s often no discount, but when you add in these codes you can make a saving

    2. Its bonkers to get 10% discount you have to spend £100 but you might want anything else then

  9. great blog as usual. worth pointing out that tesco gift card require £1.50 for postage, so only really worth doing in store in my opinion

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