Andy’s deals of the week 24 June 2023

My pick of the best offers and savings.

Every week I spend hours looking at discounts and deals to pick the good from the bad. I’ll only share ones which I think are worth considering – but remember you’re only saving money if you’re buying something you need and can afford.

Don’t forget to check out my Clever Cash Deals Instagram account. This is where I’ll share any flash offers that will have come and gone by the time this roundup is published.

Andy Webb's deals of the week

This week’s deals

Asda Money: £20 credit card bonus

New Asda Money credit card holders can get £20 bonus cashback with a £50 spend. Here’s more.

Savings: 4.15% easy access, 5.76% 1 year fix & 5% 1yr ISA

Yet again, more increases this week across all types of accounts. There’s now 4% or higher from four banks on easy access, and above 5.6% on all fixed-term lengths – including 5.76% on a one year fix. Here’s more.

Premium Bond: prize rate increases to 3.7%

Following recent interest rate hikes (let alone another potential one today), NS&I has increased the rate on Premium Bonds.

It means if you win there’s a greater chance you’ll get a bigger prize. I’ve taken a look at what you could win – and when they’re worth considering.

Sky Sports: £16 via Virgin Media

A very cheap Sky Sports deal for Virgin Media customers who don’t currently have their Stream Box. Though the price is for 18 months you can cancel at any time. Here’s more.

Netflix & NOW: £10 a month via BT

This offer is back for those who have or get BT Broadband. You’ll pay £10 a month for Netflix and NOW’s Entertainment pass (the key Sky channels). Though there’s a 24 month contract. Here’s more.

BT: Last chance to save via Line Rental Saver

Though many of us don’t use landlines any more, those of you with BT might be taking advantage of the annual prepaid scheme to save a little on your bill. You’ll effectively get £20.

Well, the bad news is BT will close this later this summer, so there’s not much time to take advantage. And existing customers might be able to renew theirs before the deadline. Here’s what you need to know.

Craft Beer: clearance stock

Head to Discount Dragon for a load of beers a reduced prices. Many are 24 cans for £15 (though they’re past their best before dates). More here.

Gigs: 2-4-1 tickets

Bands such as Ed Hardcourt, Metronomy, Sleeper and Hamish Hawk are taking part in a 2-4-1 promo for their live shows this summer – you just need a Lotto ticket or scratchcard. Here’s more.

Amex Platinum: Last chance for Harvey Nicks £50

Anyone with an American Express Platinum card needs to make sure they’ve used the £50 credit for spending at Harvey Nicholls before the end of June. And don’t forget it resets on 1 July for another £50. More on the Platinum card here.

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