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If you’re only going to read one deals post on the site, this is it!

I’ve written about thousands of deals and offers on the blog since I started in 2014. Some come and go, while others stick around month after month, year after year.

And among these ongoing offers are a few essentials that I think you all should nab. I’ve shared these in this article to help you do this.

Of course, some will end or change and some new ones will come along, so this keep coming back to this page to check for updates.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the full deals landing page for the latest offers I find.

Quidco: £17 new member bonus

For years I’ve exclusively had the highest welcome bonus for cashback site Quidco. It’s worth £17 when you spend £10 at one of the thousands of retailers partnered with them.

To get this you need to sign up for my free weekly newsletter. You can of course unsubscribe once you’ve got your link, but I hope you’ll stick around to get more deals and articles from me every Thursday.

TopCashback: £10 new welcome bonus

You don’t get as much from TopCashback, but it’s worth signing up to get this free £10 too. This time you need to spend at least £10 on your first order, which you’ll get back via this bonus. Plus the current cashback rate for whichever retailer you’ve shopped with.

Bank switching bonuses

I’ve made £1,400 in bank switching bonuses – a mix of cash, vouchers and wine – since these incentives started in 2013. And that’s not including the other extras I’ve made once I’ve got the accounts such as monthly rewards, cashback on bills and interest on savings.

My top tip to get the most of these extras as possible is to open an account you use just for switching. And keep switching each time there’s an eligible offer.

These deals come and go, so rather than list them here, head over to my huge article detailing all the special offers available at UK banks.

Spotify: 12 months for the price of 10

If you’re a dedicated Spotify Premium user then it’s possible to get two months free every year when buying an annual gift card.

You can only use this on the individual Spotify Premium accounts and not put towards Family, Duo or Student plans – all of which could save you more money and are worth reading more about.

My top deals

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2 thoughts on “Andy’s top deals

  1. I am still waiting for my Quidco Bonus its been 2 months now it says confirmed but still not payable.

    1. Hi Karl. Best to contact Quidco to see what they say


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