Andy’s deals of the week 29 October 2022

My pick of the best offers and savings.

Every week I spend hours looking at discounts and deals to pick the good from the bad. I’ll only share ones which I think are worth considering – but remember you’re only saving money if you’re buying something you need and can afford.

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Andy Webb's deals of the week

This week’s deals

Halloween: “Free” pumpkin

TopCashback is once again offering up to £2 back on a pumpkin purchase until next Monday. So if it costs less than £2, it’s free. Don’t forget, if you’re new to TCB, you can also get a £15 welcome bonus when you spend £15. More here.

Apple Music & TV+: Beat the prices hikes

It was obviously going to happen. Once Apple TV+ started having “must watch” shows, the cheap £4.99 a month price was too good to be true. It’s now £6.99 a month, while Apple Music has also increased in price. Here’s what’s happening, and a few tricks to avoid overpaying.

Guardians of the Galaxy: £25 Secret Cinema tickets

If you’ve never been to an immersive Secret Cinema event in London you’re missing out. Though if you do go, you’re also likely to shell out £100 or more!!! So this weekly lottery for the latest Marvel themed show, and last-minute deals, from TodayTix is well worth a go. More here.

Uber One: Three months free via O2

If you’re often ordering from Uber Eats, then this extended free trial of Uber One is worth a look. You need to have O2 or Virgin Media to access the deal, or you can pay £10 and also get freebies such as weekly Odeon tickets and Greggs coffee for six months. More here.

Chip: Prize Draw deadline

Savings app Chip has boosted the prizes available in the monthly prize draw. If you want to enter, your money has to be in the account by Monday. Here’s more.

Cashback: Up to £91 for free

Cashback sites are great, though they normally require you to spend some money to get the free money. However there are a handful of free trials that’ll earn you money without spending – just remember to cancel before the first payments are taken. More here.

Savings: 3% from HSBC, 4.5% from Halifax

Halifax has joined its sister banks Lloyds and Bank of Scotland by offering 4.5% via a regular saver. There’s a cap of £250 a month, but across all three (if you have a current account with each), that’s a decent return.

Another account worth a look at, though it can be beaten, is from HSBC. Current account holders can earn 3% on balances up to £10,000. Though if you withdraw any cash the rate drops to 0.5% for that month.

Elsewhere Chase Bank and NS&I have increased easy access rates, but they can be beaten by a number of other accounts. More on all these and other best buys here.

Banks: TSB switch deal ends

The up to £180 deal ends on Monday, though you’ve got another week and a bit for the switch to complete. More on the TSB deal here.

Supermarkets: Up to 5% extra

The deadlines to add money to Morrisons’ and Sainsbury’s Christmas Saver schemes are over the next few days, letting you get up to 5% extra to spend at those supermarkets. More here.

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