Top free cashback offers

Get paid for signing up to free services via Quidco, TopCashback and Oh My Dosh.

Though most of the time cashback sites will give you a percentage of the purchase price back when spending money you planned to spend via online retailers, it’s possible to get paid a fixed amount just for opening up accounts with the likes of film streaming services and credit score trackers.

Here are some of the best ones I’ve spotted. Don’t forget you can also get welcome bonuses worth up to £17 if you’re also new to Quidco, TopCashback and Oh My Dosh.

Bear in mind that some of the rates listed below could be for premium members, meaning you might see a lower rate. Plus rates can, and will, change regularly.

Free TopCashback cashback

Experian Credit Score: £6

Sign up to Experian’s free credit score service and you’ll get £6! You’ll be able to check your score with no charge and there’s no ongoing cost. If you want to see your credit report then I’d recommend other free services.

Currensea: £10

Successfully apply for this overseas spending debit card and you’ll earn £10 cashback. You don’t need to use the card – in fact I’d suggest you use one of my best buy travel spending cards instead.

Free Quidco cashback

Experian Boost: £4

Experian Boost is a service which promises to add a few points to your Experian credit score by factoring in regular payments such as your Council Tax bill and streaming subscriptions. There’s no guarantee it’ll actually help you when applying for credit, but you can get a free £4 for signing via Quidco.

Money Supermarket Credit Monitor: £3.50

Another service that lets you check your credit score for free, this time from comparison site Money Super Market. You’ll get £3.50 for signing up via Quidco.

Free Oh My Dosh cashback

Oh My Dosh

There are a number of no-spend offers you can sign up for with Oh My Dosh. Watch out for others that do require some upfront spending.

There’s a £10 minimum payout with Oh My Dosh so I’d make sure there are enough you can or will want to take advantage of first. Though you can obviously also shop at other retailers, make sure you compare with TCB and Quidco first to go for the best paying cashback rate.

I’ve listed below some to try. A handful are free trials so make sure you cancel the trial before it ends – otherwise you’ll spend more money than you make. A couple might require a quick task.

Do read the terms and conditions for each service to ensure you’re happy with what you’re signing up for.

  • £7.50 Uphold card
  • £3.50 Amazon Prime Video (30 days trial)
  • £2 My Heritage (14 day trial)
  • £2 Moolah
  • £2 Coupert
  • £1 Honeygain
  • £2.50 GKF (complete a survey to get the cashback)

Free cashback for opening a bank account

Both Quidco and TopCashback have a handful of current accounts listed where you’ll earn cashback for opening the account. Sometimes you’re required to undertake some tasks, and a couple of accounts may have a monthly fee.

The amount you get will change, sometimes day to day, and you might find one site offers the best rate on one day, but then a few days later it’s on another. Often you’ll only get the money once per bank, even if they offer multiple accounts on the cashback site.

Better still you can combine these offers with any switching deals that might also be running- we’ve listed these here.

Bear in mind you will be credit checked when you apply for these, so don’t apply for all of them at once. I’ve not listed credit cards here, though you can also get paid for opening some cards via both Quidco and TopCashback

  • First Direct – up to £40
  • HSBC Advance – up to £55
  • Kroo – Up to £16.80 (no credit check)
  • Santander Edge – up to £25
  • Santander Edge Up – up to £26.25
  • Santander Everyday – up to £25
  • TSB Spend & Save – up to £40

The best cashback site welcome offers

Find out how to get a bonus when you first sign up and spend at all the leading cashback sites


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