Airtime Rewards promo codes (June 2024)

Earn money back on your shopping to put towards your mobile bill.

The cashback site Airtime Rewards can be a great way to stack different offers. Here’s our full review.

Welcome promo code

Up to £1.50 welcome bonus

Use the code H9HJCPAY when you first sign up to Airtime Rewards to earn a 50p reward, and another £1 if you spend with a linked card at a participating store within seven days.

Bonus offers

You can only use one promo code at a time, so if there are multiple codes, make sure you add the one which ends soonest or best suits your spending first.

It’s always worth checking Airtime Rewards’ Twitter feed for extra codes.

2% cashback on weekends in February with O2 (expired)

If you’re an O2 customer, you can grab an extra 2% back on eligible purchases over the weekends in February.

All you have to do is spend at the retailers in the app on the dates below and you’ll get the additional cashback.

If you’re not signed up yet, you can also use the code WELCOMETOO2 and spend at least £5 in the first week to get £4 credit.

£2 bonus from £20 spend (expired)

Opt in to the New Year, New Challenge stamp promotion (you’ll find it by hitting the notification bell in the top right corner of the app) by 14 January 2023 and you’ve a chance to earn a £2 bonus.

You’ll need to spend £5 twice by the end of February to get the first £1, and if you do it again you’ll get another £1 credit. Obviously the spending needs to be via a connected card at a participating retailer.

£2 back on £8 spend (expired)

* Airtime Rewards have told me that this code will end midnight 24 June. I’ll update if I get a new offer.

Enter the code CLEVERCASH in the app and you’ll get £2 back on a spend of £8 or more – as well as the cashback rate listed by the retailer. You need to spend with an attached card with one of the retailers within three days of entering the code.

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8 thoughts on “Airtime Rewards promo codes (June 2024)

  1. 7DMVURFB Airtime reward £10.50 bonus.

    1. Thanks Worked after 5 days tracked!

  2. Is there anyway you can use the airtime rewards online? Does spending on Argos online work?

  3. BECLEVERWITHYOURCASH code dosent work I just tried it.

    1. I just used it (BECLEVERWITHYOURCASH) and works fine..

  4. Thanks for the Airtime promo code! Just added it, no problems.
    Found you on YouTube and been binge watching.
    Invaluable information, thank you so much!

    1. Ah great!

  5. I used the Airtime Rewards Promo Code last weekend. Thank you!


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