Your guide to supermarket loyalty schemes

Comparing Clubcard, Nectar, Asda and more

Using your loyalty card at the supermarket seems like a no brainer, but what do they actually do? Find out which supermarket loyalty schemes are worth having, which ones you can skip and which ones give you the best value for your spending.

Tesco Clubcard

Shopping with your Clubcard will earn you one point for every £1 you spend at Tesco. If you spend them in-store on your groceries, 100 Clubcard points are worth £1, which is the equivalent of getting 1% back on your shopping at Tesco.

Points are worth more when spent through Reward Partners. You can swap your Clubcard points for vouchers worth twice the amount to spend on days out, cinema and theatre visits, eating out and many other options which are listed in our article on ways to spend your Clubcard points.

Apart from earning and spending your Clubcard points, being a member of the Tesco Clubcard scheme, means you also have access to Clubcard prices, which are cheaper prices as well as money off coupons in the app (these are gradually being rolled out to all customers).

In summary, Clubcard holders get:

  • 1 point per £1 spent
  • Access to cheaper prices
  • Money off coupons

Sainsbury’s Nectar

You’ll get one Nectar point for every £1 you spend at Sainsbury’s. This isn’t worth a huge amount – just 0.5p per point, or the equivalent of 0.5% back on your spending, but like Tesco, you’ll also get access to exclusive prices, known as Nectar prices.

Nectar card holders also have access to personalised Nectar prices and extra points in the app. Find out more about earning and spending your Nectar points in our summary.

In summary, Nectar card holders get:

  • 1 point per £1 spent
  • Access to cheaper prices
  • Money off coupons

Asda Rewards

Instead of points, Asda rewards gives you cashback that is paid into a Cashpot. This Cashpot can be used by converting the earnings into vouchers. 

To earn money in your Cashpot, you can either buy Star products which will pay either a percentage back, or a fixed rate; or you can complete missions, such as spend £10 on laundry products and get £1 in your Cashpot. You can find out more about the Asda loyalty scheme in our review.

In summary, Asda Reward members get:

  • Cashback when select products are purchased

Morrisons More

This loyalty scheme earns you points on certain products and ranges rather than the value of your shop. Once you’ve earned 5000 points, you can convert them into a £5 voucher – this will take you some time! You can read more about this in our analysis of the Morrisons More scheme

As well as earning points, you also have access to exclusive prices known as Morrisons More Savings.

In summary, Morrisons More members get:

  • Points earned on select products purchased
  • Access to cheaper prices
  • Money off coupons


This scheme does not earn points but instead myWaitrose customers can choose two personalised money off vouchers from a selection of around five each week. 

Using your myWaitrose card will also get you a free coffee with any purchase as well as savings on the meat and fish counter on select days. You can read this article on how the scheme works.

In summary, myWaitrose members get:

  • Two personalised money off coupons a week
  • Free hot drink with every purchase
  • Access to cheaper prices on meat and fish counters on select days

Lidl Plus

Download and scan the app every time you shop and your spending is tracked. Spend a cumulative total of £250 in a month and you’ll get 10% off your next shop as well as other rewards at lower thresholds such as a free bakery item when you reach £50. 

You’ll also find exclusive Lidl Plus coupons in the app which need to be activated each week. You can read more about saving money at Lidl in our summary.

There are also extra offers in the app, such as free membership to Cinema Society, offering discounted movie tickets.

In summary, Lidl Plus members get:

  • Free products or discounts dependent on monthly spend
  • Money off coupons

Read more about saving money at Lidl

M&S Sparks

Download the M&S Sparks app and although there are no points to collect, you’ll get personalised offers for money off both food and clothing. You’ll also find the occasional free gift on the app and these appear with the personalised offers. 

There is also the chance to get your shopping for free as each store gives away one shop to someone who scans their Sparks card every week. 

There’s no free coffee with Sparks every time you shop, but if you buy 6 you will get your seventh free. 

In summary, Sparks members get:

  • Money off coupons
  • Occasional free products
  • The chance to win shopping for free

Read more about saving money at Marks & Spencer

Co-op Membership

Co-op members get personalised offers every week in the app as well as exclusive member prices on individual items as well as meal deals.

Members did earn 2p for every £1 spent on Co-op branded products and services but this ended on 24 January. Those who have money in the scheme will have until 31 December 2024, to spend it.

Unlike other supermarket loyalty schemes which are free to join, Co-op membership actually costs £1 to join, though you’ll get that back from the coupons relatively quicky.

In summary, Co-op members get:

  • Money off coupons
  • Access to cheaper prices

Iceland Bonus Card

The Iceland Bonus Card is different from other loyalty cards, in the fact it is also a savings card. For every £20 you load onto the card, you get £1 cashback. You can view your balance online, on the app or at the bottom of your receipts.

As well as offering cashback for saving money on the card, you also get access to Bonus Card prices.

In summary, Iceland Bonus members get:

  • Access to cheaper prices
  • Cashback on savings

Booths Card

The Booths Card gives you 5% back when you see the piggy bank symbol, which is on thousands of products. Cashback is paid in vouchers on a quarterly basis in increments of £5.

You also get access to discounts in their cafes and a piece of cake for your birthday when you purchase a hot drink.

There’s also 10% off newspapers with your card and instant savings on selected new products.

In summary, Booths Card holders get:

  • 5% cashback on most products
  • 10% off all newspapers
  • Cafe deals and discounts

Loyalty card comparison table

Loyalty schemePoints/cashback awardedPoints valueExclusive pricesExclusive offersExtras
Tesco Clubcard1 point per £1(currently 2 points per £1 until 28 Feb2024)1% at Tesco, doubleat reward partnersClubcard pricesCoupons in appUpgrade to Clubcard plus for 10% off shopping twice a month (fee applies)
Sainsbury’s Nectar1 point per £1Extra points available on selected products0.5% at Sainsbury’s, Argos and eBayNectar pricesCoupons in appCollect and spend point with other Nectar brands
Asda RewardsVariable cashback on selected productsN/ANoCoupons in app
Morrisons MorePoints collectable on selected products5000 points = £5 voucherMorrisons More SavingsCoupons in app
myWaitroseNoneN/AOn counters only, select daysCoupons in appFree hot drink with any purchase
Lidl PlusNoneN/ANoCoupons in app with some based on monthly spend
M&S SparksNoneN/ANoCoupons in appFree gifts plus the chance to get your shopping for free
Co-op MemberCashback ended 24 January 2024N/AMember pricesCoupons in appDiscount on other Co-op services
Iceland Bonus CardGet £1 back for every £20 you load onto your cardN/ABonus card pricesFree home delivery when you shop instore or online
Booths Card5% cashback back on thousands of products N/AOn selected new productsDeals and discounts in their cafes plus 10% off all newspapers

Which supermarket has the best loyalty scheme?

Tesco Clubcard is currently the highest paying scheme to earn your loyalty. As well as the one point earned per £1 across your whole shop (currently boosted to two points per £1 until 28 February 2024), you also get personalised money off coupons in your Clubcard app, Clubcard prices and there’s a variety of ways to boost your points when you use them.

But it’s not a reason to pick Tesco over another supermarket. You’re better to see which one has the lowest prices and then take advantage of any loyalty scheme benefits available.

Take advantage of multiple supermarket loyalty schemes

If you shop in different supermarkets, then it pays to be a member of multiple schemes. Gone are the days of bulky cards filling up purses and wallets, now all the loyalty schemes mentioned above apart from Booths, are accessible through their apps. 

So if you have a smartphone (and some spare memory), download all the apps from anywhere you might shop at, no matter how infrequent.

Then you’ll be able to pick up a free coffee if you shop at Waitrose, the occasional free gift if you shop at M&S, member prices if you shop at Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Co-op or Iceland, as well as multiple coupons and discounts on everyday shopping.

5 thoughts on “Your guide to supermarket loyalty schemes

  1. If you have the coop app, the Membership gives you 2 offers to choose from 8. These are often things like 20p off milk, 40p off fruit, 20p off vegetables, 50p of Yeo etc, and run Monday to Sunday.
    Shame about the 2p per £1 spend going, but the app offers have made it worth the one off £1 to join for me.

  2. But why is a really bad reception on phone in all this supermarkets but they would like u to have an app .In most of them u cannot connect to internet.Rubbish.

    1. Most have fee WiFi you can connect to in store. Your phone can remember it so it automatically connects when you enter.

  3. Hi Andy,

    I think the cashback was only on Co-Op branded goods, so if you were buying (for example) a pack of Brew Dog beer and a bottle of Fairy Liquid there would be no cashback. I joined about three months ago and have nearly £4 to spend.

    I find Co-Op to be very expensive and only use it for the odd essential like a bottle of milk or grabbing a couple of last minute bits for dinner, as it’s literally next to my work, i.e., the extra cost outweighs the time and fuel cost of going elsewhere.

    It’s pretty disappointing that they’ve dropped the scheme, and I will definitely buy less items there now.

  4. I’ve never noticed the 2p per pound spent on the co op membership scheme. There was often the odd penny that I had available on the card to spend.

    They donate 2p per pound spent on co op branded stuff to good causes.


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