Iceland Bonus Card: how does it work?

Get 5% extra on top ups and lower prices

We’re all familiar with Iceland’s frozen food deals and multi-buy offers but how much do you know about its loyalty card? 

Well, it blows all other supermarket loyalty cards out of the water – and we’ll explain why below. 

What is the Iceland Bonus Card?

It’s a bit of a hybrid card – part loyalty card and part saver scheme but that’s what makes it unique.

As a loyalty card, it gives you:

  • access to Bonus Card prices (similar to Clubcard and Nectar prices)
  • free next day delivery when you spend £40 online or £25 in store
  • 10% off every Tuesday for the over 60s

But as a saver card, it is one of the best out there. It works a bit like a prepaid card and for every £20 you load onto the card, Iceland will give you £1, the equivalent of a 5% return.

How do I get an Iceland Bonus Card?

Physical cards are available in-store or you can sign up online or on the app for a digital card.

How do I load money onto my Iceland Bonus Card?

You can add money to your card in-store or online. The cashier can do it for you at the checkout or you can log into your online account (on the Iceland app or website) view Bonus Card and select ‘Top Up Bonus Card’.

It’s worth being aware that it may take up to 48 hours for transactions and savings to be recorded on your Bonus Card. Also, you should know that you can’t use gift vouchers to top up your card.

How do I get the bonus money on my card?

For every £20 you put on your Bonus Card, you’ll get a £1 bonus. The money is available to use whenever you need it and the bonus cash just becomes part of the balance. 

However, the Bonus Card will automatically expire 24 months after the last time you use it and any remaining balance on your card will be wiped – so don’t forget about it!

Is my money safe?

Iceland say money on your card is protected, holding it in a ring-fenced trust bank account, separate from all other Iceland bank accounts.

It’s probably not a great idea to keep lots of money on the card for a few reasons. Firstly, because it could potentially expire if you forget to use it within the timeframe. There’s also the risk that if you lose your card, your money could be spent by others. If either happen you can’t get it back

Plus, once you’ve put money on your card, you can only spend it at Iceland. If you need it for something else, then it’s tough luck.

Instead, only add money before you shop, making sure you leave enough time to get the savings and bonus appearing on your card. 

How do I use the money saved on my Bonus Card?

You can spend as little or as much of your savings whenever you want, both in-store and online. The Bonus Card can be used at Iceland and The Food Warehouse, but cannot be used to purchase Iceland products at the Range.

If you want to know how much money you have on the card, the balance can be viewed online, on the app or at the bottom of your receipt if you’ve shopped in-store.

Stack it with Airtime Rewards for bigger savings

For an extra boost to your finances, if your bank card is linked to Airtime Rewards, you can earn up to an additional 4% cashback on spend at Iceland. So if you use your linked bank card to top up your Bonus Card, you’re effectively getting two lots of cashback (or airtime credit in the case of Airtime Rewards).

How do I get a 20% bonus?

Every November, Iceland runs a Christmas savings promotion that boosts its Bonus Card cashback to 20%. 

Save £100 on your Bonus Card by a given date, you’ll get an extra £15 added on top of the standard bonus – that’s a whopping 20% boost to your savings (only one Christmas bonus per card). But unlike the standard bonus funds, the extra Christmas bonus has a really short deadline – you’ll need to spend it by 24th December. Iceland runs this offer yearly so let’s hope that they repeat it again in 2024.

We’ve covered all you need to know about Christmas savings at Iceland and other supermarkets here.

Should I get an Iceland Bonus Card if I’m not a regular shopper?

Definitely. It costs nothing to join up to the Iceland Bonus Card and the bonus cash is a great incentive. But don’t go out of your way to use Iceland just because of this. You’re far better off finding the best prices for your overall shop.

Saying that, there’s no other loyalty card or saver scheme for a supermarket that pays such a good return, so Iceland really is our top loyalty card, especially at Christmas.

For more ways to save money at Iceland, you can read our article.


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