How to save money at Morrisons

Is it possible to save at one of the UK’s more expensive supermarkets?

Morrisons is not the cheapest supermarket. In fact it came sixth in a comparison of average basket price in a survey by Which? So with its prices rising more than other supermarkets, we look to discover if Morrisons is still value for money and what it offers in terms of savings on everyday groceries.

Sign up to Morrisons More

Morrisons More is a loyalty scheme where you earn points on certain products and ranges rather than your entire shop. You can then convert your saved points into £5 vouchers once 5000 points are reached. We’ve explained more about it, including how to sign up,  in this article.

Don’t forget to use you reward vouchers

Any points you collect last for 12 months in your account, and will expire if you haven’t swapped them into £5 vouchers. Once you have swapped the points into vouchers, you have a year to use the vouchers before they expire too.

More Card exclusive prices

Now this loyalty scheme may not be the best at earning you points but you can’t afford to not sign up as it also offers Morrisons More Savings. This entitles you to exclusive prices on selected products, similar to Nectar Prices and Clubcard Prices but on a smaller scale.

Look at your More Rewards on the app

More Rewards are regular personalised offers on products you usually buy. You’ll find them in your app but you have to remember to activate these rewards before you shop. You can find really good deals here. For example, my current one is 10% off all chilled dairy. A great saving for my weekly shop.

Shop Morrisons Savers

From tins of soup to cat litter, you’ll find over two hundred own-brand products for sale under the Saver label. It’s quite a random selection of products but there’s enough to keep the cost of a weekly shop down. It’s easy to spot in colourful packaging with the SAVERS branding clearly visible on pack.

Find ‘Price Locked Low’ products

Since Morrisons doesn’t price match competitors, they still have committed to keeping prices low by locking in the prices of over 1000 products. Look out for the padlock symbol on shelf or if shopping online, just click on the ‘Prices Locked Low’ filter to find all the products with guaranteed price cuts or price freezes.

Shop in the evening for yellow stickers

Morrisons start reducing food from early in the day but the best reductions come after 5pm when you can find products with up to75% off, and near to closing time you may even find products reduced down to just a few pence. The bargains are there to find so check out your local Morrison to find the golden hour.  Don’t forget you can freeze so many foods. To learn more, check out our guide on freezing food.

Grab a Too Good To Go box

You can use the surplus food app Too Good To Go to get a grocery surprise bag from Morrisons, one of the few big supermarkets on the app. For just £3.09 you can get a minimum of £10 worth of products nearing their use by or best before dates. 

Speaking from experience, I’ve managed to nab a few of these surprise bags and have been pleased at the amount you get. Lots of fruit, vegetables and bakery items. I did end up with some vegetables my family don’t particularly like, but I just blended those into a soup and they were all used up. 

What you get will vary but you’ll always get more than what you paid for it and anything you won’t use before it spoils, you could always freeze.

Check cashback apps

Cashback apps like Checkout Smart, Shopmium and Green Jin have cashback offers on products at Morrisons so it is worth checking these before you go shopping. Morrisons doesn’t seem to ever have the most offers but there’s enough to make it worthwhile to check before you shop. 

Green Jin usually has two cashback offers for fresh produce like carrots or apples so it really is worth uploading your receipt and claiming cashback on everyday products. You can find out more about cashback shopping apps here

Purchase discounted gift cards

Sites like JamDoughnut, HyperJar and Cheddar sell prepaid gift cards to use at Morrisons and give you a little back as cashback. Here’s how they work

At the time of writing this you can get 3.75% cashback with JamDoughnut, 4% with Cheddar and 3% with HyperJar (just be aware that some rates of cashback they offer can not be used on fuel). 

Save with Christmas saver bonuses

The Morrisons Christmas saving scheme is linked to your My Morrisons loyalty account and you can get up to a £6 bonus when you reach the saving threshold of £194. 

But be aware, the Christmas saving vouchers must be redeemed before the end of the year so you have very limited time to use them. You can read how to make Christmas savings schemes work for you in this helpful article.

Shop online via a cashback site

Morrisons online customers can get money back when they shop online via Quidco and TopCashback. At the time of writing Quidco was offering £6.60 cashback to new Morrisons online customers spending over £40 and 3.3% cashback to existing customers; whilst TopCashback was offering £6.80 for new customers spending over £40 and 3.4% for existing customers. If you’re new to these cashback sites you can get an additional bonus – here’s how to get up to £18 when you sign up.

Be flexible with delivery slots

Morrisons offer online delivery with just a £25 minimum spend which is much lower than rival supermarkets. Delivery slots start from £1.50 whilst the majority of their click and collect slots are free.

Buy a delivery pass

If you are a regular online shopper then it pays to purchase a delivery pass. Morrisons offers a great value delivery pass at £40 for an annual midweek pass or £70 for an annual anytime pass.

Is Morrisons the cheapest UK supermarket?

Morrisons comes in at sixth place in the basket shop analysis carried out monthly by consumer group Which? But on the larger trolley shop analysis, Morrison actually comes in second place being beaten on cost only by Asda. So for big, family shops, Morrisons is a good bet if you want to get value for money. That said, its loyalty scheme, Morrisons More doesn’t offer that many discounts, but taking advantage of the offers they do have, could bring the price down further and make Morrisons the cheapest UK supermarket for a big trolley shop.

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  1. Don’t overlook the cashback offers with various credit/debit cards. These come & go, and may be be personalised to some extent, but I currently have 10% on Morrisons spend showing on Barclaycard Cashback Rewards and NatWest rewards at the moment.


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