Loyalty scheme offers and deals

The best flash offers to boost Clubcard, Nectar and more.

Asda Rewards offers

Asda Christmas Savings Card: get £2 in your cashpot

If you buy or top-up an Asda Christmas Savings Card by £50 or more you can get £2 put into your Asda Rewards Cashpot.

If you buy it in store, you must scan your Asda Reward card at the till for this to track.

Then, in November, you’ll get an additional £1 if your balance is between £30 and £79, and there are larger bonuses for higher balances.

You can get the £2 bonus until 26 May 2024.

Tesco Clubcard offers

Tesco: Clubcard Challenges

From 20 May 2024, some customers will find they’re eligible for extra Clubcard points via a series of “challenge”. 3 million people are being targeted. If invited, you can accept the challenge.

Each time you complete a challenge, which will likely be based on spending a set amount on certain products, you’ll get those bonus points.

There will be 20 challenges, and you can choose to use a maximum of 10. Examples shared by Tesco in advance include:

  • Spend £20 on BBQ food
  • Spend £10 on plant based foods

There’s no info yet on how much the points will be, but there’s up to £50 available for those who are eligible. That suggest each one will earn you £5 in bonus points.

It’ll run for six weeks, so roughly until 30 June 2024.

Nectar card offers

There are a number of different ways to earn and redeem Nectar points, though few actually increase the value of each point. You can read all about those offers in our Nectar guide, but here we’ll share short term deals.

Get 50% back when you convert your points to eBay vouchers

Until 31 May 2024, eligible Nectar customers can get 50% of converted Nectar points back if you convert them into an eBay voucher. You have to convert between 500 and 5,000 points as you can’t get more than 2,500 points back, so if you convert 5,000 points into a £25 voucher, you’ll get £12.50 back.

To check if you’re eligible, you need to log into your Nectar account and view all your available offers here. You’re looking for the one with the title “50% points back”.

Your eBay and Nectar accounts must be linked to qualify, and you need to activate the offer in your Nectar account. You’ll get the points by 28 June and you’ll be able to see them in the Nectar app. You only get the points for the first voucher you create after activating the offer.

Nectar Shop for Points challenge

Some Nectar customers can earn bonus points until 4 June 2024 every time they shop, with either a total of 500 (worth £2.50) or 900 (worth £4.50) most likely.

Who gets the offer will vary, but it’s worth checking your app to see if you’re eligible and then opting in.

It’ll be along the lines of 100 bonus points on each shop. It seems to be across five transactions.

There’s a minimum £1 transaction each time, and some items such as alcohol and baby food are excluded.

Nectar: Big Points Swap (expired)

This offer is running from 14 April to 4 May 2022. If you have at least 2,000 Nectar points then it’s worth taking a look at the app to see if you can swap the points for an increased value. It’s only on the app, not online or in-store.

If you are eligible, the offer will be right at the top of the screen, just below your points balance. I had to update my app for the promotion to appear.

*update – it does seem it’s account specific so you might not see the offer even after updating*

You’ll then hopefully see the following options:

  • 2,000 points to £15 (usually worth £10)
  • 4,000 points to £30 (usually worth £20)
  • 6,000 points to £45 (usually worth £30)
  • 8,000 points to £60 (usually worth £40)
  • 10,000 points to £75 (usually worth £50)

Click the option you want and hit confirm. You’ll be issued with a voucher that expires on 4 May 2022. You can’t swap more than 10,000 points.

Unlike the previous Double Up scheme there are few restrictions on using the voucher, so you can use it on your full supermarket shop at Sainsbury’s. However, you do have to select whether you want to use it online or in-store. Alcohol is also excluded, as are the usual suspects like baby milk, tobacco, stamps and more (full list here).

LNER Rewards offers

LNER: Free Greggs Breakfast Roll and drink (ended)

LNER Perks members can get a free sausage roll or vegan sausage roll until 31 March 2024.

You need to download the LNER app, join the perks loyalty scheme and click on the offer to get a code. 

Lidl+ offers

Lidl: Spin to Win: chance to win £10 coupon (ended)

When you shop at Lidl from 4 to 31 January and scan your Lidl+ app, you’ll be in for a chance to spin the wheel to win a £10 coupon

Lidl says that one in ten will win a £10 coupon, so it’s worth making sure to scan your app.

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2 thoughts on “Loyalty scheme offers and deals

  1. Downloaded the LNER app & joined the perks loyalty scheme. But there is no Greggs free food promo offer. Instead, they offer £5 off your next LNER ticket purchase.

  2. I signed up for the automatic points conversion, set up the minimum weekly amount of 400 points. Annoyingly Nectar has converted 40,000 Nectar points to Avios. Phoned up to complain just being told I can convert them back after 10 working days.


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