Telegraph Extra deals: Free cinema tickets & movie rentals

Take out a Telegraph digital trial to nab some top freebies.

What is Telegraph Extra?

Telegraph Extra is the reward site for people who subscribe to the Telegraph. It’s not cheap (£12.99 per month for the digital membership) but as well as access to the Telegraph’s online articles, you also get some great freebies including:

  • Free Vue cinema ticket
  • Free Chili movie rental

*It looks like the decent offers have all been removed, so there’s little point signing up right now. Of course that could change, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the service. You can see all the current offers here.*

There’s only a limited number of these each month, so it’s worth putting a note in your diary to grab them on the first of each month. Here’s more on these.

Free Vue ticket every month

*This hasn’t been available since May 2023*

This is usually released on the first Friday of the month at 2pm, though sometimes it’s been released later in the month (around the 7 or 8). You claim a code that once redeemed will provide a ticket for you to use. This ticket is valid for 12 months.

It can be used online or at the box office for a standard 2D seat.

Free Chili movie rental every month

*This hasn’t been available since August 2023*

Also released on the first Friday of the month, you’ll get a gift card code to claim on Chili’s website that can be used on any normal release (Home Premieres are excluded).

You can only have one code on your account at any time, so make sure you use it each month. You have 28 days to start watching a rental.

Frustratingly Chili doesn’t have the full catalogue of releases, so you might not be able to get the film you actually want with this code.

Free National Theatre at Home

*This hasn’t been available since Summer 2023*

The other Friday freebie is an online rental of a specific National Theatre production.

Telegraph Extra deals

Three months Telegraph Extra for £1

You can take out a £1 three-month trial of the Telegraph Digital right now. Sometimes it’s free or £2.

The cinema and rental deals are released on the first Friday of the month, so if you time the trial to the start on the this day (no later as the vouchers tend to go fast), you might actually be able to also pick a fourth voucher just before your trial ends.

That’s three or four Vue tickets and Chili rentals for free!

If you leave it later in the month you run the risk of missing out as there are only limited numbers of each available. You should be able to see on the Telegraph Extras page if these offers are running or have already sold out.

And of course there is the chance The Telegraph will stop some of the offers. But even if that happens you’ll hopefully still have picked up some freebies for a few quid.

Make sure you put a note in your diary to cancel before the cheap trial ends. You have to phone up to do this.

Cancelling Telegraph Extra

You can now cancel online. When I’ve done this I’ve been offered discounts such as another three months at £1 a month, which is a decent price for the free cinema ticket and movie rental, along with whatever else is offered.

If you don’t get a decent deal to stay and proceed with the cancellation, keep an eye on your email as there are often similar deals to tempt you back.

Previous offers

Pay delivery only on Craft Gin Club box (expired)

Another decent Extras offer. These boxes of gin and other goodies cost £40 plus delivery each month, and though there are usually 50% off deals, this offer beats it. You’ll pay £9.95 delivery – until 31 August 2022 or while stocks last. Obviously cancel the subscription if you don’t want to keep paying after getting the freebies. My box contained:

  • 70cl bottle of Brass Lion gin
  • 2 London Essence mixers
  • Gin syrup, bitters and extras to pimp the drink
  • One can of cider
  • One soft drink
  • One bar of choc
  • One small bag of pretzels
  • One small bag of nuts

Free LoveMyRead box (expired)

LoveMyRead is a subscription box containing a book and some extras like snacks. You get to choose a book from a selection of eight titles, many of which are brand new releases.

This normally costs £16.99 a month for Premium (hardback book and more extras) or £12.99 (paperback, less extras), with £3 delivery on top.

You can currently claim your first box for free via your Telegraph membership. I’ve opted for Premium and will cancel it once I’ve got that first book.

Free Gourmet Society membership (expired)

This membership ended on 18 February 2022. I’ll update here if it returns

You’ll get 50% off food and drink at restaurants, as well as access to other savings (e.g. cinema tickets).

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8 thoughts on “Telegraph Extra deals: Free cinema tickets & movie rentals

  1. After the disappearance of the Vue ticket offer, looks like the Chilli movie rental has also gone the way of the dodo 😭

    1. Yep, looks like it!

  2. What a shame. Looks as though the Telegraph are not doing VUE tickets any more (May 23). At least I was successful in applying for my Coronation biscuit 🙂

  3. Great tip here!

    Also if you have a Three phone plan, and have the Three+ app, you can get 3 months Telegraph extra for free (then 20% off monthly subscription for 9 months). The offer expires 7th August 2022.

    This is what I did to get all these freebies for free!

  4. Hi,
    Just to let you know: the VUE ticket offer is back on the Telegraph Extra page.

    1. Thanks!

  5. Thank you very much for this. This is great. Was a subscriber in the past, but still got it. I think you should rephrase it as ‘4 Months for £3’ as read in isolation the heading makes you think it is 3 months for £1 rather than 3 months for £1 each.

    1. Good shout. Thanks!


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