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Deals and vouchers archive

Each week on Be Clever With Your Cash Andy hunts for the best deals, vouchers and offers to share with you. Some sites will just post every deal they find, but Andy carefully curates the offers he includes so you can be sure if it’s listed here, it’s the real deal.

10% off loads at eBay, and possible free fiver

Here's where I'll post any particularly decent eBay deals and offers, whether selling or buying! As you'd expect there are thousands of different products! Often you'll see well-known shops selling on eBay now at prices less than their own website. Office and Argos...

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The best bank switching, cashback and interest offers

Here are some quick links to help you jump through the deals. Switching dealsYou must switch and close your old account to get the headline bonuses listed below. First Direct - £100 switching bonus and another £100 if you leave,  5% regular savings account...

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Craft beer discounts, deals and vouchers

Save money on beer! Craft beer is no longer something you have to hunt around or pay over the odds for (though you easily can). Most supermarkets will stock some decent beers that are actually drinkable and there are subscription clubs and specialist beer shops that...

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Cheapest way to watch the new Game of Thrones

Winter is here! Game of Thrones is finally returning to Sky Atlantic for season 8 - the very final one. Here are the vouchers, offers and tricks to watch it for less. You can even get paid for the pleasure! Contents How to watch Games of Thrones season 8 if you...

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