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Investment firms often give incentives like free cash to get you to give them your cash. Here are a few I’ve spotted.

These offers are extra cash payments and freebies you can get via starting an investment. If you are wanting to invest for the best returns then I’d recommend you do your research and look elsewhere as these won’t necessarily have the lowest fees.

Also, if you open up a stocks and shares ISA for one of these promotions then you won’t be able to pay into another one in this financial year (it resets on 6th April). You can still open up a Cash ISA, though you’ll likely get better interest rates elsewhere.

Natwest Invest – free £50 cashback

This offer from Natwest Invest requires you to deposit £250 over four months in order to get £50 in cashback.

You start with a £100 deposit before 31st July 2020, then at least £50 a month in August, September and October. The bonus is paid in November 2020 and you can then withdraw the money penalty free.

Of course, there are fees to pay on your investment, though over this short amount of time it won’t be more than a few quid.

And as with all investments, the value of the money you deposit could go up- or it could go down. You can minimise the losses by choosing a low-risk option.

You can choose between a stocks and shares ISA or a general investment account, though the latter could be subject to tax.

It’s for first time Natwest Invest customers only.

> Invest with Natwest and get £50 cashback

Scottish Friendly

Open an ISA with Scottish Friendly and you’ll get access to “Friendly Rewards” which offers discounts at cinemas, shops, restaurants and more. I use it to get 6% off each time I do the shopping at Waitrose. There’s also the chance of cashback on top. More here in my detailed guide.

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