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best bank switching offers

The best bank switching, cashback, interest & overdraft offers (October 2021)

Your ultimate list of promotions, rewards and benefits you can get from switching your current account or opening another. One ... Read More
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best travel cards

The best travel debit and credit cards

Monzo, Starling, Curve, Halifax Clarity and more compared for overseas spending. If you're heading out of the UK then one ... Read More
Books in a library

More than books: 9 ways your library can save you money

From borrowing books to downloading newspapers, ebooks and magazines, libraries offer a great free alternative to buying things you'll only ... Read More
student discounts

The best student discounts, offers and deals

  • Apple student discount
  • Boots: 10% off
  • Superdrug: 10% off
  • Amazon Prime: 50% off
  • Cinema
  • Tickets to theatre, galleries, festivals & other live events
  • Sport
  • Shopping
  • Spotify: 40% off
  • Apple Music: 50% off
  • Software
  • Train and tube travel
  • International travel
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free and cheap wills

Free and cheap wills

  • Free Wills Month
  • Will Aid - £100 for a basic will
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my nectar prices

My Nectar Prices – will you save money?

The latest Sainsbury's and Nectar scheme offers personalised discounts on your shopping. There's been another change in the way you ... Read More
Marriage allowance

The Marriage Allowance tax break explained

You could pay £250 less tax this year - and possibly backdate it for another four years. The Marriage Allowance ... Read More
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nectar logo

The best ways to collect and spend Nectar points

If you've got a Nectar card, are you making the most of your points? One of my most popular articles ... Read More
small energy company

Should you switch to a small energy company?

As yet more go bust, do cheaper energy prices outweigh the risk of a smaller energy company going under? I'm ... Read More