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Reuse and refill to save money.

I’m loving the hot weather, but I’m not loving the cost of keeping hydrated when out and about. Buying bottled water isn’t always cheap. Yes, you can pick up an own-brand 500ml bottle from supermarkets for around 50p, but you’ll be paying £1, if not more, at coffee shops and corner shops. Buying just two bottles a day during a working week could easily cost £10.

And it’s not good for the environment either. The organisation Refill estimate that UK households buy 480 plastic bottles a year, and only half get recycled. So it’s better for both your wallet and your conscious is to reuse either a “single-use” bottle, or buy a tougher one designed to be used again and again.

But if you’re not at home or work with access to a tap, where do you top up your bottle? Well, I’ve got a trick to help you find out where you can hand over your bottle and get it refilled up for nothing. All is explained in my latest video:


Find out where will top up your water bottle for free at the website.


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