How much does a flu jab cost?

Where’s the cheapest flu jab in the UK this year?

Winter is well and truly on the way, with temperatures dropping to single digits in the coming weeks. And with bad weather comes sniffles and sneezes: at Be Clever With Your Cash, we’re all stocking up on cold & flu medication (own brand, of course). 

But one way to hopefully avoid getting seriously ill from the flu is to get a flu jab – and there are ways to save money when doing it.

What’s the flu jab?

The flu jab, also known as the flu vaccine, is an annual vaccination against influenza. Flu is unpleasant for most people, but some people can get seriously ill from it, which can result in hospitalisation. 

The flu jab isn’t limited to just the old and vulnerable, although these people are considered higher risk so they can get it for free. The vaccine prevents you from getting really ill from it and can prevent you from getting it at all. 

A new vaccine is developed twice a year as the virus changes, so the NHS suggests that we get it every year to protect us from new strains.

How much does the flu jab cost?

The flu vaccine is offered to high-risk people, carers and medical staff for free. It’s definitely worth checking if you’re eligible for a free one — we’ve listed the eligibility criteria below.

If you can’t get a free flu jab, you can still get one privately at a number of pharmacies, including the ones inside supermarkets. It costs between £8.79 and £19.95 at national chains. 

The cost of the flu vaccine varies a lot, with Boots coming in the most expensive at nearly £20 and Asda at just £12 – though there are ways to save more, as we share below. Local independent pharmacies might offer different prices – the ones we checked ranged between £15 and £20. 

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Can you get a free flu vaccine?

Lots of people can get a free flu jab on the NHS, you might be able to get one if you:

  • are 65 and over or turn 65 before 31 March 2024
  • have certain health conditions, including respiratory conditions, heart conditions and weakened immune systems. Check the NHS website for a full list
  • are pregnant
  • are in residential care
  • receive a carer’s allowance, or are the main carer for someone
  • live with someone who is more likely to get a severe infection due to a weakened immune system
  • are a frontline health or social care worker

How to save money on your flu jab

Loyalty cards can help you save money on your flu jab – Superdrug and Morrisons will give you a discount if you have a loyalty card. Meanwhile Boots lets you claim 3 points per £1 as usual. 


If you have a Superdrug Health & Beauty Card you can get a flu vaccine for just £8.79, a massive £3.11 cheaper than the next cheapest at Asda (£12) and Morrisons (£12 with a More card).

The Superdrug card is free, so sign up for one in-store or online ahead of your jab and you’ll get it for the lower price.

Superdrug lets you book your flu jab online, but you can also get a walk-in appointment.


Asda is the next cheapest place to get a flu jab at £12. You can sometimes get money in your cash pot if you have an Asda Rewards card, you can get £2 at the time of writing, so it’s worth having a quick look in your app.

Not all stores have a pharmacy, so you may need to check its store locator to find your closest one, and weigh up the savings against the longer journey, if you’d have one. 


Morrisons is offering a flu jab for £12 if you’ve got a Morrisons More card or £14 without. The Morrisons More card is free to sign up for, so it’s worth doing!

As with Asda, not all stores have a pharmacy, so you need to use its store finder to find one. You can 


In the past,Tesco has offered the flu jab at a discount for Clubcard members. Unfortunately, this year it is offering it at £13 for all customers, Clubcard or not. 

You can book you jab online, but you’ll need to find a store that’s got a pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy

Rowlands Pharmacy is offering flu jabs for £16.99. You can book it online.


At Well, it costs £17.99 for a flu jab. You can book it online if you have a pharmacy near you.


At Boots, it costs £19.95 for a flu jab. You can collect Advantage Card points on the purchase, which could get you 3 points for every £1, though that’ll only earn you 57p back. 

You can book your flu jab online.

Where can you get the cheapest flu jab?

PharmacyWith loyalty cardAll customersBook
Superdrug£8.79£16.99Walk in or book online
Asda£2 back in your Asda Rewards cashpot (under Star Products)£12Book online
Morrisons£12£14In store
Tesco£13Book online
Rowlands Pharmacy£16.99Book online
Well£17.99Book online
Boots57 Advantage points (worth 57p)£19.95Walk in or book online


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