Cheapest ways to watch the restarted Premier League and Championship on TV

The Premier League is due to restart on 17th June 2020. Here’s how to watch every game at home for less money.

With play due to begin in mid-June behind closed doors, the decision has been made that every single game will be available to watch at home.

The 92 remaining matches will be spread between Sky, BT, Amazon and even the BBC, which will show games for the first time since the Premier League began in 1992.

Games are going to air over six consecutive weekends and through the week too. The aim is to complete the season by the start of August. You won’t be able to watch every single game as a few fixtures clash.

Matches will kick-off as follows:

  • Friday 8pm
  • Saturday 12.30pm, 3pm, 5.40pm and 8pm
  • Sunday 12pm, 2pm, 4.30pm and 7pm
  • Monday 8pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6pm and 8pm

A couple of fixtures where clubs have games in hand will also be broadcast on Wednesday 17th June at 8pm.

A third of the matches will be free-to-air, which is great news. But you’ll need to pay to watch the rest. That can get quite expensive – especially for some fans.

Which clubs are on which channels?

So far only the schedule for the first third of games has been announced, a total of 32 games. This takes us up to 2nd July. All the teams are playing three games, apart from four with a game in hand who play an extra one.

Here’s which channels you’ll be able to watch your club.

  BBC Amazon Pick Sky BT PAID FREE
Arsenal       5 2 7 0
Aston Villa       5 2 7 0
Bournemouth 1   3   2 2 4
Brighton     1 3 2 5 1
Burnley   1 2 1 2 3 3
Chelsea       5 1 6 0
Crystal Palace 1 1 1 3   3 3
Everton 1 1 2 2   2 4
Leicester     2 3 1 4 2
Liverpool     1 4 1 5 1
Manchester City 1     4 2 6 1
Manchester United     3 2 1 3 3
Newcastle     3 1 2 3 3
Norwich 1   2   3 3 3
Sheffield United     3 4   4 3
Southampton 1 1 3 1   1 5
Tottenham     1 5   5 1
Watford     4 1 1 2 4
West Ham       4 2 6 0
Wolves     1 3 2 5 1

So far every club has at least one fixture on Sky or BT, meaning it’s going to be impossible to watch every one of your team’s games for free in these first games.

How much it’ll cost you to watch every match by your team 

(Based on the three or fixtures 17th June 2020 to 2nd July 2020)

I’ve based this table on needing to buy a BT Sport month pass at £25, and depending on the number of games (and time between them on the same broadcaster), either one or two week passes (£10 from Currys) or month pass (£25 from NOW TV) to watch Sky on NOW TV.

It could be a lot more if you don’t shop around.

Everton £10.00 £1.67
Southampton £10.00 £1.67
Crystal Palace £20.00 £3.33
Bournemouth £25.00 £4.17
Norwich £25.00 £4.17
Sheffield United £25.00 £3.57
Tottenham £25.00 £4.17
Watford £25.00 £4.17
Burnley £35.00 £5.83
Newcastle £35.00 £5.83
Leicester £45.00 £7.50
Manchester United
£45.00 £7.50
Wolves £45.00 £7.50
Arsenal £50.00 £7.14
Aston Villa £50.00 £7.14
Brighton £50.00 £8.33
Chelsea £50.00 £8.33
Liverpool £50.00 £8.33
Manchester City £50.00 £7.14
West Ham £50.00 £8.33

The most expensive teams to follow are Arsenal, Aston Villa, Brighton, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester City and West Ham as they’re on BT Sport and multiple times on Sky Sports.

You’ll be paying £50 to watch all six or seven games. Sheffield United fans will also be added to this group if they want to watch the FA Cup Quarter final on 27th June.

Top of the value table are Everton and Southampton, with a single paid game broadcast on Sky Sports, meaning a day or week pass at £10 is all you’ll need to pay. Crystal Palace are a tenner more as you can buy two week passes to catch their three games on Sky rather than a month pass.

If you don’t want to pay for any of the channels, some clubs are getting more free matches than others. Southampton have five of their six games available for free, while Bournemouth, Everton and Watford just behind with four free to air games.

But the followers of teams where there are no free games (Arsenal, Chelsea & West Ham) will no doubt feel hard done by. It’s not much better for Brighton, Liverpool, Man City, Spurs and Wolves fans who will only get one free game each.

Of course this value table could change dramatically when the final lot of fixtures are released, but for now you’ll at least know the cost to catch Project Restart based on the games you want to watch. The full fixture list is here.

And there might be more ways to bring down the cost of your viewing – here’s a guide to the ways to save on each channel.

The cheapest ways to watch each channel

Sky Sports

Almost two-thirds of the games – 64 in total – will be on Sky. However, 25 of them will be free-to-air on the Pick channel (more on that in a bit). This means you’ll only need to pay to see 39 on Sky Sports – though that is still the most of any of the channels.

How to watch the Premier League on Sky

Though Sky might offer some deals on its TV service, it’s can be very pricey. You also have to sign up for other TV channels and long contracts. Personally I’d avoid this unless you know I’m going to watch the sports channels all the time.

Often the cheaper way to access the channels is via Sky’s own NOW TV service. This is an online streaming service and you can buy Sky Sports passes as either Day, Week or Month passes.

Depending on how many of the games you want to watch – and which channels they are on – you might get away with just a couple of day or week passes.

At full price, the day pass costs £9.99, a week pass £14.99 and a month pass £33.99. There’s also a mobile-only pass at £5.99 a month (though there are ways to pay less).

The big advantage here is that you’re not tied into any long contracts, as you would be if you watched on Sky, Virgin or BT.

The thing to note here is that you can only watch live sport – there’s no record or catch-up option.

There are often ways to save money on NOW TV sports passes, such as week passes for a tenner and month passes for £25, and I’ve got a whole page devoted to the latest NOW TV sports pass offers.

Pick TV (Free Sky Sports)

Good news, all the games shown on Pick will be free to watch! It’s Sky Sports coverage.

How to watch the Premier League on Pick TV

You can find the channel on Freeview, Freesat, Sky and Virgin. 

BT Sport

Next up there will be 20 games shown on BT Sport, but you’ll have to pay to watch all of them.

How to watch the Premier League on BT Sport

BT broadband and EE customers can get access via a BT Sport app, which starts at £10.

If you aren’t with BT or EE, then the best bet is to buy a one-off month pass at £25.

Here’s more about both options.

BBC Sport

There will be four games shown on the BBC, all of which will be free-to-air. Match of the Day highlights will also return.

Of course, you do need a TV Licence, which I think is fantastic value for money.

Amazon Prime

The final set of four games will be shown on Amazon Prime – and all will be free!

How to watch the Premier League on Amazon Prime

Normally You’d need to sign up to Amazon Prime to watch these matches, but it’s been announced all will be free.

To watch other Amazon Prime films, TV and sport you’ll need a membership. If you’ve never had a 30-day free trial then that’s one option.

Alternatively you can pay £7.99 a month to get the full Amazon Prime membership (£79 a year), or just £5.99 a month to only get access to Amazon Prime Video.

With both you’ll also get access to box-sets and movies. It’s a rolling monthly contract so you can cancel anytime. 

Here’s more about Amazon Prime membership and whether I think it’s worth it.

> Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime 

Championship football

Of the 138 games still to be played in the Championship, 30 will be on Sky Sports. None will be free. The season restarts on 20th June 2020.

Some of the remaining games will be sold on a match by match basis at £10 a game on the EFL’s iFollow service. It’s £10 a game. 

But home matches at Birmingham City, Bristol City, Cardiff City, Charlton Athletic, Derby County, Fulham, Hull City, Leeds United, Middlesbrough, QPR, Stoke, Swansea City and Wigan Athletic won’t be on this service. It’s up to the teams themselves to offer something, 

Sports streaming services – deals and offers


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