Cash Chats #128: Back to the high street

This week lockdown begins to ease further with the non-essential shops reopening across the UK. I’ve taken a look at how things are working and whether you should be taking a trip to the high street or not.

I’ve also shared your consumer rights for purchases made before, during and after the shops were closed.

Plus news of an offer to help you support small local shops and save yourself cash at the same time.

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Welcome to cash chats with me, Andy Webb – Be Clever With Your This is the podcast to help you make the most of your money.

In Episode One 128, back to the high street, what that means for you, your money and your consumer.

Hello. So things are gradually kind of starting to come back to some sense of normality this week as non essential shops started to reopen their doors after three months, where we’ve had very, very, very little to do with our money outside of our home. So what I’m gonna do in today’s podcast, is to take you through some of the things that have happened, how it’s going to work, how it is working from my experiences this week, just popping into town.

And whether I think you should be doing this or not, is it a good thing to do for your money is a good thing to do for the economy. I also want to touch on some exciting news from American Express around supporting local shops.

And also, finally, your consumer rights. What does this mean for the purchases you’re gonna make? What’s it mean for purchases you’ve already made either before or during lockdown. Don’t forget, I’ve got a community for everyone listening to cash chats over on Facebook, just head over to be clever with your forward slash community. And that’ll take you straight over there you asked to join. And it’d be great to get your thoughts on everything we talked about in today’s episode and anything else asked me ask everybody else in there some questions, the things that are worrying you about money, and I’ll answer all their answer all of us will hopefully answer and help you with your questions. So we let’s get into this week’s episode 128 cash chats – back to the high street.

Back to the high street

So what’s it like where you live? Have you been out to the shops this week already? Have you been buying things and spending some cash

On Monday, I popped out to where I live in Harrogate, just to see what things were like. And I was surprised quite how busy it was. There were a lot of people out and about. Now, I mean, it’s no surprise when you compare it to previous weeks, because it’s been a pretty much a ghost town, as I’m sure your high streets have to the only things around that have been opened up in supermarkets, and the odd coffee shop more recently, but on the whole, people haven’t been allowed out. And now they can go out and spend money. There were a lot of people there. You probably saw some of the pictures on TV as well of Oxford Street and other sort of shopping centers around the country. It wasn’t quite as bad as that. But I was still surprised quite how many people were there. And there were queues as well. The queues though, did seem to be kind of just on the budget retailers. So prime mark and you can kind of if you’re going if you’re a private person and you shop at prime market, you need to spend a prime mark. Well, this would have been your first chance to do that. So you can understand why one of the biggest queues, if there’s going to be any queues is at Primark cuz that’s the only way to spend

Money their big use next for some reason people like to for next don’t they wouldn’t have the books and our sales and all of that people like queuing for next I was surprised to see queues outside sports direct not only because it’s not that fantastic a shot but also there was a lot of kind of news. early on when lockdown first began about how they were treated staff and lots of calls with people saying they won’t forget that and they were boycott it but the queue there as well. Surprisingly the other places I spotted queues were at mobile phone shops E and O to both had queues outside their shops again, they’re small shops, aren’t they? So it’s not like this is a vast massive one. But you know, lots of space people go to sleep, obviously there’s gonna be queues and most of these queues that we saw everywhere they weren’t hundreds of shoppers trying to get in. It’s because there was reduced entry to those places. So it was harder to fit everyone who wants to be in there. So obviously, bigger shops, more popular shops, you would expect more people coming into them. I was surprised about the mobile phone networks as well having those those queues

On how most shops are open as well, I thought it would be a little bit more gradual. But we’re here in Harrogate. Yeah, lots of the shops, the national chains and the small independent retailers, their doors were open for business. And the big exception I noticed was charity shops. None of the charity shops that I went past about half a dozen of them were open. And considering that a huge amount of the money that a lot of these places make is through the shops. That was, I guess, quite worrying in that.

Are they just going to do it soon? But they obviously they’re going to continue to lose money. So maybe considered donations to charity shops if yours isn’t open.

But on the whole, yeah, it was it was busy. And I was surprised about that. Now where you are, it could be quite different, you might find things still haven’t opened up because the individual retailers, the local ones, the smaller ones, they’ve got to make that call themselves, the national chains quite often they’re doing this gradually. So john lewis, for example, didn’t open the Oxford Street store straightaway that’s gonna happen at a later date. And obviously it was the first day

I think it is going to sort of like tapered down. As we go along. Imagine that be a peak again at the weekend for people who aren’t working, their first opportunity maybe to go to some of these shops. And obviously, there’s still not going to be the peak of the high street are we because it’s still a couple of weeks at least, until pubs cafes, leisure centres, cinemas, all those kind of things, if they’re able to open in some form, it’s not going to be for a couple of weeks at least which will bring more people out. Even so say I was very very surprised to see see this on scale. So why wants to do is to talk you through a little bit about how the shop seems to be working there. And my thoughts about whether you should be going or not. Before we go into that I do want to share with you one episode is from MasterCard and it’s shop openings calm and they are using transaction data from their card. So if money has been spent in a store,

they will tell you that they are telling that shop is taking money. Now that could obviously be a slightly misleading because it could have been an online transaction. But essentially, if you want to find out what’s opening

To you, that is a good way to find out. If the doors are open, if you do want to go and buy some from a particular retailer, bear in mind that open hours could be different right now as well. Okay, so this is how it’s working from the shops that I saw, social distancing is still in place two meters, is the rule is what we’re doing. We should be doing everywhere, let alone in shops everywhere, we should still be sort of two meters away from people who we don’t share a household or a bubble with that could be relaxed. The government means we’re making noises to see that they sort of bowing to pressure to drop that to one meter. The moment it’s two meters and you will see that signage everywhere you will sign out see outside the shop, do you see it within the shops within shopping centers on the floors, things like that. I didn’t see many people with a mask which was quite surprising and you don’t have to wear a mask. So there’s no reason why if you don’t have one you can’t go but I definitely think it’s worth considering if you are going and you’re planning to go into a fair number of shops having a mask available and wearing it.

You will see lots of

Way systems now I didn’t go into many shops or in fact only went into a couple of shops, which weren’t that busy at all. But you do see signage everywhere which was kind of saying you know,

follow this follow that. Now I imagine that’s going to get quite difficult in some of the smaller shops the one I went into TK Maxx, is a very big TK Maxx although there are a lot of people in there, it was easy to avoid people and stay away from people. And but again, you imagine in a smaller shop,

that’s going to get quite difficult holding people up, you know, how are you going to make sure if you’re looking at something and you know that you’ve been to the supermarket you know what it’s like when you’re trying to pick up a pack of pass through and there’s someone standing right there for ages, and you want to wait for them to go it’s gonna be the same thing in the shops as well, isn’t it but the one way systems with signage on the floor in lots of places. The queues as I mentioned, I saw queues at some of those sort of bigger shops. Other smaller shops talked about having a limited entry as well and I think there is a potential that you will key for every single shop. The smaller the shop, the less people that

can have inside of that two meter distance, even at one meter, you’re going to have to potentially wait outside to get in. Interesting thing where I saw obviously shops are next to shops on Etsy shops are next to shop. So, for example, the queue for next went past about three or four other shops. So went past the three shopping went past wh Smiths went past something else. So I’m not quite sure how that is gonna work when you’ve got queues for lots of retailers at the same time, so do bear that in mind that you might have to do that.

One thing I saw in all over the place was lots of hand sanitizer, which was great. Now not every retailer had that but say TK Maxx had some little shopping center had some a few other places or they had some hand sanitizer available. Obviously, if you’ve got your own, it’s much better to have that so you can use it whenever you want to. If you touch anything at all, it’s still well worth using that hand sanitizer. When you get into the shops. Again, some of them might have be exactly as you would normally find them. They’re having any sort of changes.

Particularly that TK Maxx is such a big TK Maxx other than the one way system they hadn’t sort of put to get in and get out once you’re in there was enough room to roam around and avoid people. But other places they might have taken some stock out they might have reduced the range of stuff just so they can get as many people as possible into the shop. What you will find is changing and facilities are pretty much going to be closed if they’re not close they probably should be.

But I would think twice about trying on anything in a shop because if you could try it on that mean someone else might have tried it on and you don’t really know therefore whether that’s safe to do so. If you do buy stuff in because you can’t try it on in changing rooms are you take it home you try it on and you don’t want it then you can return it I’ll get on to this consumer rights in a bit. But bear in mind that if you have returned something or someone has returned something it should be quarantine now different shops are doing different things. Could be 24 hours, could be 72 hours could be more could be less who knows they are meant to be doing that quarantines are closed don’t get put out on the shelves again if someone has already had them in

touch them. You’ve got to trust a retailer, their gauge will gauge whether you trust them or not. To have done that, I guess yeah, the bigger ones, they’re gonna have to do something about it. You expect someone like john lewis has done it well, but a smaller shop, maybe they can’t, maybe they won’t. So do bear that in mind, when you’re taking stuff home to try just picking up things and touching them. You might not even be able to touch stuff. I mean, they’re there. Ideally, they don’t want you touching things so much. You cannot avoid picking things up. Unless you need to properly examine it. If you’ve got gloves, that’s great. And remember that hand sanitizer again, so if you do go, that’s what you could expect to see when you get there. I guess the big question is, should you be going now? there absolutely is an argument and it’s been put forward by retailer associations and even by the government that these shops do need your money. Yeah, that is absolutely true to survive, they need people to spend money.

However, I would say that a lot of the retailers, most of them prymaat have been an exception.

You can still do your shopping online.

A lot, even smaller retailers have had to adapt to this. So I’ve ordered things from small local shops near me. And had it’s all clicking collect or they sort of dropped it off or just sent in the post. They wouldn’t had an online presence before. But they’ve made a way to have never found a way to make it work and more of those shops will be doing that. So you can hopefully still shop support local businesses, but do it online without having to go into shops because remember, these are the non essential shops that have just reopened. They are non essential, that’s the term we’ve got for them. So there’s not going to be so much that you really need to buy right now. Most of stuff we can still wait on and if we can’t wait on it. There are alternative ways to do at the site going online click and collect if you can. Now I do also get that sometimes we like to buy certain things in person and I can go to supermarkets. I’ve never liked ordering fruit and vegetable and supermarkets because of stuff that’s come through Jeremy often

In a little bit on the turn, not great. I’d rather sort of sit in the supermarket and make my choice. And I think lots people have think similarly about things they want to buy, they like to see it close. For example, shoes, I’ve always been one to go and buy them rather than order them online, partly because different sizes and trying them on and it feels like quite a lot of a waste to order multiple sizes and get them all set for them. Choose the ones you want and send them back and all that sort of kerfuffle. But you can do that. And since you can’t try on clothes in shops right now, since you can’t really try on shoes in shops right now, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. And if you do order things online, and I’ll get into more detail about returns in a minute, you’ve got it makes it a lot easier for you to return stuff, you have more options in terms of returning things and if you do buy something in the shop, but it’s not right.

So I certainly would think twice before going to the shops unless you really, really, really have to.

If you really do have to you really think you can do this and then also sort of

about can you afford it and you know what it’s gonna be really nice. Of course, it’s nice, you’d not be able to sort of spend money recently on some of the things you would have done. We’ve all had a bit of crazy a little bit, I’m sure some people are thinking they’d like to splurge, you buy something as a treat, or even just what would have been relatively normal purchases, get out and buying those things. But before we do that, as we talked about last week, and if you missed it, you know, you can so you can just check this out. However, you’re listening to this on the podcasting app, listen to last week’s episode.

Make sure you can afford it. If you’re going to spend any money if you really want to go out to the shops, the things to think about, first of all, if you’ve got any debts, you should be sort of making sure you’re clearing them with any spare cash you’ve got and building up some emergency savings first, before you do any spending that you’ve got with any extra cash, okay to do that before you can have all those okay? And you do want to support some local businesses and you don’t want to do it online. You want to really want to go into the shops, then try and go alone. Try not to go as a group is gonna be much easier if your own to sort of maintain that social distance in and sort of get in and out.

without too much,

too many frustrations and try and wear a mask if you can. Something I didn’t touch on actually, which was pretty worth talking about weeks and weeks ago, a lot of the commentators were saying, there’s so much stock left over in these shops, that they’re going to be massive blowout sales when they reopened just a clear thing out. And actually, you know what that hasn’t happened? They might have been, you know, some places maybe you might find some local businesses have been doing this, but on the whole that the larger chains, they’ve either been holding back their stock for next year and keeping it in storage.

Or perhaps they may want to cancel orders. So they haven’t got as much to go about. Yeah, absolutely. You know what, there will be discounts and onboarding online, you know, there are plenty of sales online which will be transferred to the shops as well. But these aren’t going to be necessarily anything overly different to what you would have seen in normal sales, I would say from from looking around from what I spotted. And again, you can do this online during your career to find the same things online as your own shop and same prices.

So I wouldn’t sort of be motivated to go to the shops, just because you think I’m going to get an absolute bargain right now. I remember Yeah, there’s pictures that we saw on the news of people crammed into getting to the Nike store or wherever it was a prime mark as if it was Black Friday. This is in Black Friday, even Black Friday doesn’t necessarily have those offers, that will make it worth you kind of crushing it the best of times, let alone now when it is still so vitally important that we do to adhere to those social distancing rules. Now if you aren’t going to go as I said, try and go on your own if you can wear a mask, but also try and do try and support those local independent shops because they are the ones who I think will be the first against the wall that really sort of gonna disappear. And we will miss them. We absolutely will. You know, Amazon has been doing incredibly well. Compared to other retailers during lockdown, lots of money being spent there versus other places. They are doing absolutely fine. They are not going to struggle through this. They are still going to be there later on.

If we spend money at Amazon, or another sort of big chain that we don’t really sort of care about just to save ourselves a couple of quid, then later on that it’s gonna be all our only choice. We’re the only ones we go to, we won’t have those smaller shops, which can offer us something a little bit different often. And I’ve definitely sort of come around this over the last year or so. The idea that I’m happy to pay more when I can afford it and where I can afford it, pay more to a smaller local shop than one of the sort of giant behemoths like Amazon. And also I would sort of encourage you to remember those shops that treated staff badly the ones that kind of tried sort of like sports direct, try to say there were an essential workplace try and sort of bullying staff to sort of come in and things like that. Try and remember those places and not go back to those retailers. You know, stick with someone who’s been treating their staff a lot better than ones who are kind of taking it seriously. That we need to although shops opening I think they need to open a lot of the time they know they need to get the money in

But they’re sort of doing it in a safe way for their staff.

Shop Small

Now, some good news as he came out on Monday as well when shops reopened, and his American Express are launching their shop small promotion early now this normally runs every Christmas. And if you’ve been listening to the longtime, you would have heard me talk about it. Last November, December time, I’m a big fan of this is one of my favorite promotions of the year. It’s really really good. It normally won’t say for two weeks, just the start of December. Well, they’re bringing it back from next Monday and it’s going to run for 12 weeks until the middle of September. So a much much longer period and I think that is is really vital which I’ll explain why in a second. But first we’ll tell you how this works. First of all, you need an American Express credit card. Again talk about these a lot. They are I think fantastic cards to have if you are able to repay the balance in full every single month because if you do that you can earn cashback on every single pound that you spend. So it’s well well well worth it. There are some fantastic new member deals as well until the end of June. You’ve got six months to spend

The minimum requirement is around two grand or two and a half grand depending what cards you have to get 5% back. So six months is much, much better than normal three months long time, you’re easily hit that target, I’m sure. Anyway, that’s why I like them. They’re fantastic. You have to have an American Express card and Amex card for short. And they have an extra thing on their cards where you extra promotions, extra cashback deals, you have to activate them in your app and right now, the shop small one is back you activate it to your app. And then if you spend at least 10 pounds in a participating small retailer, and there’s a map online and I’ve got links, they’ve got a whole article about this and you can read exactly how to make sure you’re getting the most from this. There’s a map online where you put your postcode in and you can filter it by shop small retailers, it’ll tell you the local independent shops that are taking part in this promotion, spend 10 pounds in them and you will get five pounds credited back to your card and this five pounds comes from American Express to the local business. They are just winning by this they are getting some new business from you at least 10 pounds.

But you’re also getting a fiver back. Now there obviously there are restrictions, you can only use the promotion once at an individual shop. So you can’t keep going back there and spending lots of 10 pounds to get lots of five pounds is once per shop. And also there is a cap, the most you can earn is 50 quid, but that does mean you can support 10 different retailers. In fact, you should be able to support support 20 different retailers, because if you have a supplementary card for your partner,

they can activate it as well and they can spend at the same shops or different shops as well. So potentially 100 pounds that you can get back to your account by supporting all these businesses as I say a full article which I will link to in the notes or over at be clever with your forward slash cash chats one to eight for more information about this and my pick of the Amex cards but this is I think a good thing that has come from shop small and as I said this time it runs for 12 weeks until September. The reason this is good news is because if you are as I am, as I said everyone cautious

about going to shops right now, you still got time, hopefully for things to get better things to be a little bit safer for the infection rates to drop for more shops to open to make it easier for us to get out there. If you’re shielding be able to leave the house

and get out there and spend at those local retailers. You don’t have to do it just in the next few weeks. You’ve got until the middle of September to do this. I did have a question from someone who got in touch I called Mike. He asked me whether you can use this online as well as if someone asked me that on on in the Facebook community as well. Can you do this on line? The answer is probably not your mentor spend it in stores. Now. It depends, of course, how the retailer processes the transaction. Because it might be that American Express can’t tell if it’s exactly the same way and if it’s a very small shop, it may well be they’re doing it at the till in the same way they would normally but if they do things differently, it won’t register and you won’t get the money. You could always phone up the retailer and ask them what’s going on and maybe buy something over the phone.

See if they can do click and collect or see if they will send it out to you. But I can’t guarantee you’ll get the credit and it’d be valid for that. But there are some things to think about if you want to.

Your consumer rights

I finally want to touch on your consumer rights. Now the shops have reopened or partially reopened, what this means any purchases that you buy now, and also anything you’ve bought during lockdown, but I’ll get locked down in a second. Let’s talk about anything you buy. Now as we’ve established shopping is different. You might have to try things on your mind to get exactly the thing that you thought it was worth you get home and it doesn’t fit or it’s not the right thing. Can you take it back? Can you get your money back? Well, it depends is up to the retailer whether they will give you a refund for something if you’ve changed your mind. Now most places they’re pretty good about this and they will give you a refund but they don’t have to there’s no legal rights to this. If it’s absolutely perfectly fine what you’ve got Okay, so I before you buy anything, just double check what the policy is.

I imagine things are quite relaxed right now and people are being a little bit more fluid with their returns policies.

Do absolutely check that, okay, if you change your mind, no legal right to return anything. If it’s 40, or stops working, that’s different, they have to give you a refund. And that’s in the first 30 days after buying something, you take it back, you need proof of purchase, and you got it from there. But if it’s broken or damaged, whatever it is, they have to give you their money back. After that first month for another five months, you can ask for a repair or replacement. And the short passes do that if it can’t do that, or won’t do that do that, then it will give you a refund, it has to give you a refund. And that’s within the first six months again, if it’s 40 doesn’t work, whatever it might be, if it’s broken. Now after that six months doesn’t mean your rights completely gone. But you will have to prove that the problem is down to the manufacturing process, not wear and tear, things like that a lot harder to get a repair or replacement or a refund but it those rights are there. I would absolutely say right now the most immediate thing you need to think about is if you’re buying something in a

shop right now. What is their returns policy, if you change your mind if it doesn’t fit, whatever it might be.

Now, it’s slightly different for online purchases, because anything you buy online, you have got at least 14 days to return it. And that’s what earlier on I mentioned about how if you can buy something online now, rather than go into a shop, it’s probably worth doing it because it gives you so many more options. So if you buy something in a shop, you might have to take it back for a start, but you also have to return it to the shop, which means going back into town, getting back in a queue, whatever it might be that pallava of returning something to a physical shop. If you’ve done it online, then you can return stuff online or to a shop in lots of cases you double check, they might not let you take it back to a shop as well. But you absolutely can return it all online. I would always check the terms and conditions. So I for example, bought some trainers the other day, and obviously didn’t know quite what size I wanted. So got a couple of sizes. I made sure that I could return them for free, online really easy. So that’s what I’m going to do without so that’s an extra bonus you get from buying online.

Line says a minimum 14 days to return something often there, extend that. But that is valid if you change your mind as well not just because something’s broken. So that’s a really good extra thing to bear in mind. With this, there’s something else is worth thinking about right now is anything you’ve bought German lockdown or before lockdown, because if you bought just before locked down,

then in the shops were short shots, and it wasn’t right for you, you couldn’t return it would have been impossible to do it. And that’s why so many retailers extend that policy. Now shops have opened that countdown is going to start. So for example, Amazon and Amazon, an online retailer there, but they’ve got an extended returns period. Anything bought from the middle of February

can be returned until the end of June. So you’ve actually only got a couple of weeks now for anything you’ve bought before the shops have reopened and get your money back if it’s not the right thing and the same thing will happen for real shops, proper shops, bricks and mortar shops. He bought something beforehand. You didn’t want it make sure you’ve got it most you’ve got that receipt, and you may well have to venture into the high street to return it but

Double check what their returns policies, you don’t want to miss that cutoff date. It could well be like Amazon at the end of June. So find out what that is you want to take something back. Same similarly again, if you bought something online during lockdown, you want to take it back to a physical shop or return online. Again, I think those countdowns are going to be happening everywhere, sort of stop you being able to take things back your engine that returns period. And one last note on that as well. I bought something literally two weeks before lockdown from john lewis. And the price dropped

it during lockdown actually it was still within that sort of 30 day price matching guarantee. But because the john lewis shop on Oxford Street, hadn’t reopened, and I couldn’t do anything about it. So I actually got confirmation from john lewis online from a web chat, that the price match was valid, but I can’t do anything about it until that john lewis obviously opens and I’m gonna have to phone them up because I don’t live in London. So then get that price match sorted. Now, I don’t know whether they’re there how strictly they’ve been sticking to that 30 day period, but I think it’s well worth if you bought

Anything john lewis, before locked down, and there was a potential price matching, as soon as there’s shops reopen, that’s when that kind of countdown starts there as well. So hopefully that has been useful if you’re thinking about going to shops, maybe thinking twice about going there now because you aren’t going to care. I mean, there’s bargains at least right now. And if you can avoid it, I certainly would try and support those local shops, online or via the phone if you can. If you are gaming, just make sure you remember the social distancing is still in place. And really, really, really vitally. Check what your individual rights are in those shops in terms of returning things if you’ve changed your mind

Quick deals

As always a couple of quick deals for you to round out today’s episode. Now one of them is a lovely little trick that I spotted on Instagram I skipped absolutely full credit to the people who post about this first of all, it was definitely frugal who spotted it on Mr. deal was a monster First of all, so credit to those guys for spotting. This evolves a way to get online streaming

Service mubi free for an entire year. Now to get this, you need to sign up to a free trial with a service called scribe. Now there’s no e at the end there is SC r i b, then D, then you can get a two month free trial for this service essentially, is a

unlimited books on services like your apps on your tablet or on Kobo things like that and audiobooks. Normally it would cost you 999 a month. There are also some magazines and things in there as well. In fact, actually just look at it again. Now it looks like that free trial is down to 30 days from from two months, it was a take out a free trial. Remember, if you don’t want to carry on with the service, you’ve got to cancel it so you don’t get charged. But once you’re in there, they’ve got a little bonus feature. You click on your account and you go to scribed perks, where they give you free access to all sorts of services. So for example, you can get tuned in premium, you can get some cool content plus comments.

Which is kind of got cartoons I guess and things and graphic novels for comics. But the one that really appealed to me was this movie you can get a year free movie.

Now maybe if you don’t know what it is, it is kind of cult arthouse independent movies from from around the world. It’s something that I’ve sort of had my eye on for a while. There are some good movies on there right now if you’ve been watching the Chicago Bulls documentary over on Netflix, then you might want to check out Hoop Dreams, which is a kind of iconic sort of 90s documentary about two young people starting off their careers in basketball. But there’s also I mean, there’s so much on there lots and lots of things. Again, it is kind of more abstract stuff. So not necessarily a big blockbusters is adult jovita is on there. Look at that. Now you would have heard of that. But then the Stranger by saturate Ray from the you know, again, it’s a classic Indian cinema, and more recent things as well, but it’s free for a year. So give that one a go. Now, this is

theory should carry on working even once you’ve cancelled your scribe to trial if you choose to cancel your scribed trial. I can’t guarantee it will do because I’m still only a couple of weeks into this. But if it does carry on and that is free, if not, you’ve got a month of newbie for absolutely nothing at all. I know last week I spoke quite a lot about the different ways to save money on watching the new Premier League football and how it is gonna cost you a fair bit of money to follow your team. But if you are right now with a football about to start tonight if you listen to this on Wednesday, the day the podcast is released, the first two matches kickoff tonight they’re both on Sky Sports are the cheapest way to get a pass for this right now. Now TV offering 25% of that month pass is 25 pounds a month for the first three months rather than 3399. You can get by for just one month, two months or the full three months. You don’t have to take out all three of those months. And you have to cancel it before that third month is up though if you don’t want to get charged full price that sadly is the best deal out there. You can make it a little bit better by checking your banking app again. I think I missed

Last week for me, I managed to get an extra fiver off this by using my NatWest we’re 25% off. Actually that was a special offer for 20 pounds a month but that only ran at the weekend, but an extra sort of 25% off, and Max had an offer as well. So just have a look see if you could save a little bit more with that as well. And also to date only over on top cashback you can get a three pound bonus when you spend 20 pounds via the site and don’t forget that if you haven’t signed up to top cashback before there’s also that 15 pounds new member bonus it links all of this over on the blog Webb – Be Clever With Your Cash calm

that’s it for this week. Don’t forget you can check me out on Twitter and Instagram at Andy clever cashing more deals and sort of news as we go along. And please do come and join in the conversation over at the cash chats community. Just go to be clever with your cash comm forward slash community asked to join our preview and then we can all start talking. Until next time, stay safe if you are going shopping in particular. I’ll be back with another episode next week. Cheers



The music used on Cash Chats is Easter Island by Lonely Punk and provided on a creative commons licence 



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