How to leave a Cash Chats podcast review

It’s really easy to write a review for Cash Chats, and it makes a huge difference in how easy it is for people to find it.

I’ve focused here on leaving a review using Apple Podcasts and iTunes as they’re the biggest podcasting apps. 

Win an hour video chat with me  

To celebrate 200,000 downloads and 150 episodes, I’m giving away an hour long video chat with me to talk about your finances.

To win, you need to leave a rating and review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts. You can rate and review using the instructions below.

Once you’ve written your review, take a screengrab or your comment and email me at [email protected] 

The competition closes on 31st December 2020. I’ll then put all those emails together in a hat and pick out the winner. If you’re successful I’ll email you in early January with further details.

Leaving a review on your phone

You’ll need an Apple Podcasts ID to leave a review.

1) Open up the Apple Podcasts app and search for Cash Chats

You should see this screen. If you’ve not already done so, please do hit that Subscribe button so you don’t miss any future episodes. (Cheers!). The scroll down. Keep scrolling until you’re nearly at the bottom.

2) Click the “Write a Review” link

You’ll see the Ratings & Reviews section. If you just want to leave a rating (which is awesome), then you can click on the stars. If you feel Cash Chats deserves 5 Stars then please do hit the full five. It makes a huge difference to how easy it is for people to find the podcast. But if you also want to leave a review, click the link “Write a Review”.

3) Write your review

Simply type a few lines with your thoughts on the podcast. I’d love to hear how it’s helped you understand something better or if you’ve used some of my tips and tricks to save some cash. Then tap the stars to rate the podcast, and hit “send”

Leaving a review on your computer

You’ll need an Apple Podcasts ID to leave a review.

1) Head to Apple Podcasts

Open up this link to the Apple Podcasts page for Cash Chats. If you’re not already prompted to open Apple Podcasts, then just click the button that says “Listen on Apple Podcasts”.

2) Leave your review and rating

Once you’re in Apple Podcasts (or iTunes on some computers), it’s easy to leave the review. Click on “Ratings and Reviews”, then click “Write a review”. Simple! Don’t forget to also click “Subscribe”.

Listen to Cash Chats

Cash Chats is on all the major podcasting apps.

You can also find the most recent episodes in the player below, or click here for a full archive.