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Cash Chats is a twice-weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. At the start of the week he’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Then on Thursday you can listen to a bonus “deals of the week” episode – a quick run down of the hottest offers from the last seven days.

Cash Chats #151: The best ways to pay

Do you always use cards, or do you prefer cash? Are you likely to use services like Klarna or PayPal? What about gift cards and smartphones? I've taken a look at the pros and cons of the different ways you can pay to help you choose the best option. Competition To...

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Cash Chats #150: Getting the best price shopping online

With lockdown measures forcing non-essential shops to close through England and some other parts of the UK, we're going to be doing most of our shopping online over the next few weeks - and that means Black Friday and most Christmas shopping. In this episode I share...

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Cash Chats BONUS: November 2020’s Savings update

Here's my monthly update on the changes in UK savings in November 2020 and the accounts with the highest interest right now. This episode includes analysis of what happens when TSB and NS&I cut their rates in the next few weeks, why the best paying regular savers...

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Cash Chats BONUS: November 2020’s best credit cards

Your roundup for November 2020 on 0% Balance Transfer, 0% purchase, 0% Money Transfer, cashback, travel and credit building. Here’s the full article with more information about the cards I speak about. More from Cash Chats Please do leave a review and rating....

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Cash Chats #148: Lockdown 2 and your money

As England goes back into a stricter lockdown for at least a month a raft of emergency financial measures such as furlough and payment holidays have been extended. Here's what you need to know about the schemes and who is eligible. Plus my thoughts about your spending...

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Cash Chats BONUS: The best bank accounts (November 2020 update)

Another £125 bank switching offer and more. Here’s your November update on the best current accounts for you and your money.  I look at the news HSBC is considering ending free accounts, plus changes this month that'll impact anyone with a Santander 123 account. Plus...

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Cash Chats #147 What happens when the payment holidays end?

More than 4 million mortgage, credit card and loan payments have been deferred since the pandemic began, and though most have started repaying what they owe, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who could find things even harder after 31st October. In this...

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Cash Chats #146: Should we pay for fintech?

You'll have to pay for some features with Monzo and Chip. With another new account from Monzo (this one at £15 a month) and Chip introducing a £1.50 monthly fee, is this a sign that we'll have to pay for fintech apps that help us manage our money and save. I've taken...

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