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Cash Chats is a twice-weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. At the start of the week he’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments. Then on Thursday you can listen to a bonus “deals of the week” episode – a quick run down of the hottest offers from the last seven days.

Cash Chats #142: The hidden harm of your bank and pension

If you're someone who's concerned about the climate crisis, injustice in society and other ethical issues, you probably do something to mitigate it. You probably recycle and give to charities. You might boycott brands or buy organic. All good positive actions. But you...

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Cash Chats: BONUS September’s best savings accounts

This week's bonus episode is a look at the highest paying cash savings accounts. You can read the blogpost with more details and updates on these accounts here. Don’t forget to join the Cash Chats community on Facebook. Please do leave a review and rating....

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Cash Chats #141 – Paying yourself first

This week Andy talks to Meaningful Money host Pete Matthew. Pete Matthew is a financial advisor who runs the successful Meaningful Money podcast. We talk about the concept of paying yourself first, as well as when you should - and when you shouldn't - get financial...

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Cash Chats BONUS – September’s best credit cards

Your roundup for September 2020 on 0% Balance Transfer, 0% purchase, 0% Money Transfer, cashback, travel and credit building. Here's the full article with more information about the cards I speak about. Don’t forget to join the Cash Chats community on Facebook....

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Cash Chats #140: Mobile phones & bills (Money Makeover)

You can save hundreds of pounds on your mobile with these tricks. Every month I'm going to take a look at a key expense and show you how to reduce how much you spend. This week, ahead of the new Apple iPhone launch next week, I'm sharing the ways to cut the cost of...

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Cash Chats BONUS – September’s best current accounts

Here's a brand new bonus episode with a quick round-up of the best bank accounts in September for switching, overdrafts, cashback and interest on savings. Here's the my regularly updated article with further details. Don't forget to join the Cash Chats community on...

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Cash Chats #139: The real cost of fast fashion

This month marks both London Fashion Week and Oxfam's #SecondHandSeptember campaign so it feels like a good time to talk about why fast fashion clothes are so cheap. Joining me is Clare Carlile from Ethical Consumer magazine, and we talk about the impact low prices...

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Cash Chats #138: Consumer pet hates with guest Matt Allwright

This week TV's Matt Allwright (Watchdog, Rogue Trader, The One Show) joins me to talk about his new book - The Consumer Survival Guide - as well as discuss our consumer pet hates. We talk about ticket touts, auto-renewals, retention centres, smart speakers and more....

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