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Cash Chats is a weekly podcast Andy hosts to help you with your finances. He’s joined for these friendly and accessible conversations by a member or friend the UK Money Blogger community to cover topics as diverse as freebies and investments.

Cash Chats ep52: Best ways to save at the cinema

I love going to the cinema, but I hate paying full price which can easily hit £15 or more. So I've hunted out the best savings which I've shared in this week's podcast. Find out how to get tickets for less, including how anyone can get student prices, through to the...

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Cash Chats ep50: Battle of the supermarkets

I like Waitrose, and I like Aldi, but which is better? There's only one way to find out... Fight! We've all got different reasons for picking the supermarket we shop in. It could be price, it could be quality, it could just be whichever is nearest. But we've all got...

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Cash Chats ep48: Escaping the 9-5 rat race

Get your money in shape so you can start working on your dream job. Five years ago I knew I want to do something different, something outside the normal corporate working regime. Now, I'm my own boss, doing something I love (that's this blog and podcast by the way)....

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Cash Chats ep47: Are you getting the most from your bank?

Banking is boring, right? Well, it doesn't have to be! I've made thousands of pounds over the last four and bit years by making sure my back account is working for me. So in today's episode of Cash Chats I share what you can do to make quick cash, earn the highest...

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Cash Chats ep46: Sticking to money resolutions and goals

Did you set a money resolution at the start of the year? We're at that point where willpower starts to falter and all our best intentions are likely to be forgotten. But those aims can make a big difference to your finances, so it's better to power through than give...

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Cash Chats ep45: Get out of debt and take back control

The cost of Christmas is hitting home thanks to depleted bank balances and credit card bills dropping through the letterbox making it a tough time of year. But rather than let it get you down, add fixing your finances to your resolutions for the year. If you're...

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