Andy’s deals of the week – 3rd October 2019

I’m back once more with some top deals. Watch the video or listen to the podcast for a little more detail, or click the links to read more.

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£125 Lloyds Bank switch offer

I’m really excited about this one as it’s a brand new switching offer – and one I’m actually able to take advantage of! You’ll get £125 credited to your account if you open a Lloyds Club account and switch over (as long as you don’t already have one). You can also get a choice of six free cinema tickets or a 12 month magazines subscription.

Cheapest “The Secret Commonwealth” copies

Philip Pullman’s brand new book in the His Dark Materials/Book of Dust series is out today. Here are the cheapest places to get it online and on the high street.

Extra £2.50 Quidco bonus today only

Existing customers can opt-in for this extra bonus, on top of any other cashback you might earn when you spend £15 via Quidco. It’s today, Thursday 3rd October only.

Beat the NOW TV price increase

On Wednesday the NOW TV Entertainment pass will go up by £1 to £8.99. I’ve had a look and there aren’t many special offers on passes with NOW TV sticks – a sign perhaps that they’ll also go up in price. Your best bet to beat the increase right now is to either buy a pass direct from NOW TV before the 9th.

If you already have a pass you might be able to do better. Go to cancel it and give the reason that you can’t afford it. There’s a good chance you’ll be offered a reduced price for future months which you can lock in now.

£4.75 Odeon tickets

This Groupon offer ends on Friday, though you’ve until the 10th to use any tickets you buy. You can get two tickets for £10 or five for £20. There’s a 75p booking fee when you use each voucher, so the cheapest is £4.75 for a ticket.

Amazon £5 for streaming video

This offer was due to finish at the end of September but it’s been extended by a week – so it’s a good chance to grab it if you haven’t already. Any Amazon Prime customers who haven’t used Amazon Prime Video can get a £5 voucher just for watching a film or video.

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