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From paperback to Kindle, I’ll share top deals for fictions and non-fiction here when I spot them.

Philip Pullman’s The Secret Commonwealth offers

The second part of the Book of Dust trilogy, which follows on from the His Dark Materials series, is now out. Full price is £20 for the hardback edition. Here’s where I’ve spotted it for less:


At £12.30, Amazon is the cheapest place to get a copy on release. Since it’s a book over £10 postage is free. The Kindle edition is £9.99.

WH Smiths

If you want to get it on the high street, then you can pick up a copy from WH Smiths for £12.50.

However if you can wait for it to be sent to a store for free collection you’ll be able to get 8% cashback from Quidco, worth another quid, making the £11.50 the cheapest out there.

And if you’ve never used it before then you can get up to £17 back as a first-time user bonus. More on how to get the cashback here.

Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments offers

Full price for the brand new sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale is £20.

£10 at Amazon

You’d think Amazon would have the best price, and though on release it was around £12 (£9.99 on Kindle), it’s since dropped to £10, which is as low as it gets – but I’ve spotted a way to get it for even less. 

£8.30 at The Works after cashback

It’s also available for just £10 at The Works. You can also avoid delivery by choosing to click and collect. It does mean you might have to wait up to five days for delivery but it saves you £2. Delivery is also free if you spend over £20.

If you can’t wait, it’s also worth checking to see if the shop is selling the book at the same price in-store.

You can bring that price down even further by going via a cashback site. At Topcashback there’s 17% off, while Quidco has 13% back. I went via TopCashback, meaning my copy ultimately cost just £8.30.

Free and make up to £8.30 profit (if new to cashback sites)

If you’ve never used a cashback site before (or only used one), then you can actually not only get the book for free, but make a profit!

New Quidco users can get a £17 bonus on top of the £1.30 standard cashback. You need to sign up to my newsletter to get this exclusive bonus offer. The minimum spend is £10, but that’s fine as that’s the cost of the book.

So you’ll spend £10 on the book at The Works via Quidco, but get a £17 bonus and £1.30 cashback, netting you £8.30.

Or if you’ve already used Quidco, but not TopCashback, you can get a £10 bonus on top of the 17% cashback, giving you a profit of £1.70. You can sign up direct from a link on this page.

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