My top four cheap cinema ticket tricks

In my latest video, I’ve shared my top four tricks to cut the price of your cinema ticket. Plus below, a bit more detail and the links you’ll need to take advantage.

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Pay less for a ticket every time you go to the cinema.

I love going to the cinema. For me, there’s nothing like watching the action unfold in the dark on a big screen. But this doesn’t come cheap.

Tickets can cost as much as £12-£15 for a standard 2D screenings. But not for me. I’ll rarely pay more than £5, and this is in London!

There are dozens of ways I save, such as going mid week or my local flea pit (actually a pretty nice cinema), and I’ve detailed them in these two articles.

>> How to spend less at the cinema
>> Latest cinema ticket deals and offers

But there are four tricks I use to reduce what I pay, and you can even combine some of them for even bigger savings.

Trick one: Get student prices tickets even if you’re not a student.

Most cinemas sell cut-price student tickets, saving at least a couple of quid on each visit. Odeon cinemas even knock an extra 25% off student tickets with an NUS (National Union of Students) card from Monday to Thursday.

To get your hands on a student ID card, you need to sign up for an online course from eCareers. This will legitimately make you eligible for an NUS card, which in turn will give you the cinema discount.

The course will cost you between £5 and £19, and the NUS card is then £12 for one year. But you’ll make that money back quickly with all the discounts available. I’ve listed the cheapest courses and more detail in my blog post.

>> More on getting a student discount card

Trick two: Get two for one cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday

Remember Orange Wednesday? Well, Compare the Market took over and launched Meerkat Movies. They want you to buy an insurance policy with them to get this offer, but there’s a trick to make this cost just £2 a year.

Simply buy a day travel insurance policy through Compare the Market and you’ll be eligible for the scheme.

You can get 2-4-1 movies every week, on either Tuesday or Wednesday. You can use your student card with this offer too.

>> How to find a £2 insurance policy and get Meerkat Movies

Trick three: Save on cinema gift cards

I never use cash or credit cards when I go to the cinema. Instead, I buy discounted gift vouchers and cards from resale website Zeek.

I’ve currently got a Cineworld e-code (20% off), Odeon gift card (8% off) and a Vue gift card (12% off). This means I’m getting these discounts on top of every other deal as they’re just the method of payment.

Just keep an eye on expiration dates.

If you’ve not used Zeek before, you can also save £5 on your first order with the code 2li721.

>> Buy cheap cinema gift cards from Zeek

Trick four: Save with Tastecard +

Finally, I’ve got a Tastecard. I don’t use this as much as the other tricks, but it’s really good for giving me extra savings at independent cinemas.

With the Tastecard + add-on, you can save 40% at Cineworld, Vue, Picturehouse and some independent cinemas.

You can usually find offers for a 90-day trial for £1, or a year for £30. If you use the Tastecard in a restaurant or two anyway, you’ve made the money back. Leaving any cinema savings as an extra perk from your membership.

Just watch out for the auto-renewal at the end of the year.

>> Find the latest Tastecard offers

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  2. These are great tips Andy! I haven’t heard of a Tastecard before, I will check it out.


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