Cash Chats podcast with guest Jordon Cox from Money Saving Expert

In episode four I’m joined by Jordon Cox, aka the Coupon Kid, from Money Saving Expert.

On the podcast we talked about taking advantage of lower airfares to stop over at new cities, cutting the cost of visiting the cinema and how to get the best from supermarket coupons.

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All the articles and websites we discuss are included below to you can take advantage and save some money.

Links from Cash Chats episode 4 with guest Jordon Cox

Jordon’s links

BLOG: A train from Sheffield to Essex cost £50… So I flew home via BERLIN to save £8
Jordon’s Extreme Couponing guide on Money Saving Expert
Money Saving Expert’s latest supermarket coupons (including at time of recording Covent Garden Soup)
Rome to Rio
Google Flights
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Andy’s links

My top four cheap cinema ticket tricks
Latest cinema deals (including at time of recording the 20% off Vue gift cards offer)
Do the supermarket cashback apps really save you money?
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UK Money Blogger links

Blogger tips to cut the cost of food at the supermarket


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