The best of 2019

Catch up on the top articles, podcasts and videos from the last 12 months.

As we say goodbye to 2019 (and the decade) I thought it would be a good time to look back on the most popular content from Be Clever With Your Cash.

Here on the blog I’ve written 149 articles and shared 284 special offers (not including hundreds more over the Black Friday weekend). I’ve produced 53 podcasts and 33 videos, as well as 8 hours of Shop Smart Save Money on Channel 5.

No doubt even the most regular readers among you won’t have managed to take in all that money-saving and making content. So here’s a quick month-by-month list of the highlights that are still well worth a look.


Back at the start of the year, I wrote about how you could fix your finances in 2019. This four-part series is a must-read if you want to get on top of your money. 


With heavy snow, flu and a Brexit no-deal on the cards (nothing changes!) I looked at stockpiling for an emergency, as well as some tips for getting the most out of your freezer.


Most people I speak to are overspending on their mobile phone bills, with having too much data one of the biggest reasons. Here’s my article where I shared how you can work out just how much you need.

Meanwhile, on the podcast I took listeners through each of my 14 current accounts and why I’ve got each one.


At last year’s SHOMOs awards, my article on why supermarkets shouldn’t be shouting about cheap chicken picked up second place in the Blogpost of the Year category.


One of the most popular articles of the year looked at whether it’s worth selling books, DVDs and CDs online, covering places like Music Magpie, CEX and Ziffit.


I covered reusable bottles and coffee cups earlier in the year, and in June I shared how you can get free water top-ups on the high street – cutting the need to buy single-use plastic bottles.


Travel content was a hit as summer approached with this article on getting the exchange rate on holiday currency


Really popular was my article where I shared why you should have more than one bank account. You can also listen to me talk about the topic on my podcast.


In September I revealed why new rules mean you might find your debit card is declined.

Meanwhile over on the vlog I explained how to switch bank accounts (and take advantage of all those switching incentives).


One of the new ways to save some money this year is the Tesco Clubcard Plus scheme which launched in October. Here’s how regular Tesco shoppers could save hundreds of pounds by signing up.


I’m a huge fan of cashback as a way to get a little extra back each time I shop, so in November I shared how I’ve made £4,000 in the last six years.

The month also marked 100 episodes of my Cash Chats podcast, and to celebrate I shared how you can get hundreds of pounds of free cash!


This month has obviously been dominated by Christmas tips, but I also wrote about really important changes to overdrafts which have seen interest rates jump to 40%. If you ever use your overdraft you need to read this.


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