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Using TopCashback and Quidco is an easy way to make money while you shop.

Money for nothing is going to raise suspicions – and rightly so. Why would a brand give you free cash? There must be a catch right? Well with cashback sites, the money you can make doesn’t come with any hidden clauses or commitments. 

That’s not to say it’s perfect. There are occasions where you might miss out on the money. Sometimes your purchase doesn’t track, sometimes the wrong amount is paid. But these risks shouldn’t put you off. You just need to make sure you treat any cashback as an extra bonus with your purchase rather than a reason to buy.

And you can make decent cash. I’ve been using both Quidco and TopCashback for six years now, and I’ve made £4,064. That’s £677 a year. Some of that is from big purchases with big reward (such as broadband or hotel bookings), but much of it is from day to day shopping – accumulating small returns to form larger amounts.

In this video I’ve explained how the cashback sites are able to pay you the money for shopping, how to use them and ways to boost how much money you can make.

Plus, don’t forget to get your new member bonuses the first time you use them.

Links with more information 

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