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Use Topcashback and Quidco to your advantage and get even more money back. Here’s what you need to know.


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Cashback seems too good to be true. You’re essentially getting paid to shop. And though there are a few things to watch out for, it’s an easy way to generate some extra money.

Pretty much everything I buy is via a cashback site. The main exceptions are really Amazon and John Lewis who rarely offer deals through the sites. But most other retailers do – and I make hundreds of pounds each year doing it.

Hopefully you’re doing the same (if not, why not? Here’s how to get a fab new member bonus of at least £10). But are you getting as much cashback as you can?

I’m not talking about comparing rates on the two sites (you should) or paying with cashback credit cards (again you should). No, there are actually a couple of simple ways you can boost the money you earn and the money you get paid that are well worth looking into.

1. Become a premium member

You don’t need to pay to use either Topcashback or Quidco, but with both if you pay a fiver you can get upgraded to a premium account. In return you get bonus cashback, as well as things like priority customer service and no ads. Both also offer exclusive promotions and competitions – though I can’t say I’ve noticed either.

Here’s what they offer:

Topcashback Plus

  • Cost: £5
  • Typical cashback bonus: 5%
  • Payout bonus: yes
  • £2.50 higher member referral bonus

Quidco Premium

  • Cost: £5
  • Payout bonus: yes
  • Faster paying with 650+ selected retailers
  • Occassional opt-in bonuses exclusive to Premium

Which is best?

The big benefit with Topcashback is the 5% cashback bonus meaning you’re getting a little extra most times you shop, which quickly adds up. Often it’s just pennies, but I made £2 extra earlier year just from home insurance and there’s been enough to justify the £5.

Why it might not be right for you: Pretty simple really. I wouldn’t sign up for these premium memberships if it’s unlikely you’ll get the investment back.

2. Get paid in gift cards

If you need cash it’s always a better option to get your cashback paid to your bank account or Paypal. However, you can boost your earnings a little if you get it paid instead as a gift card or gift voucher. Both Quidco and Topcashback have this feature.

You might need a minimum amount to withdraw with some cards, ranging from £1 to £10.

There are a fair few options in both. TopCashback tends to have higher rates, and both boost what you get if you’re a premium member. Sadly the Zeek payout option has disappeared but you can still increase your payout. Here’s my pick of the best top-ups:


Rates are the ones shown in my account so could be boosted slightly as I’m a Premium member. 

You simply select your payout option from your dashboard and the gift card will be emailed through in a few days.

  • iTunes ( 7%)
  • Amazon (2%)
  • Argos (6%)
  • M&S ( 5%)
  • Primark (6%%)
  • Arcadia – TopShop etc ( 8%)
  • All Bar One, Harvester and various pubs ( 15%)


These rates are first for standard membership and then Plus membership.

To get these extras you first need to transfer your cashback into a reward wallet. Once it’s there you can’t take it back out for a cash payout. Instead you select one of the retailers and a digital gift card is sent. It can take a few days for this to be emailed to you.

  • Virtual prepaid Mastercard (2.5% / 5%)
  • Love2shop card useable at Boots, Argos and loads more (5% / 6%)
  • Tesco (3.5% / 7%)
  • Ticketmaster (4% / 6%)
  • Amazon (2% / 2.5%)
  • Marks and Spencers (6% for both)
  • Currys PC World (5% / 10%)
  • Uber (2% / 4%)
  • Cafe Nero (5% / 10%)

Which option is best?

It really depends on which retailer you’re likely to shop at. For example, there’s a higher Amazon boost at TopCashback, but iTunes and Argos are exclusive to Quidco.

Remember you can usually use gift cards alongside other promotions too, as they’re treated by most retailers as cash.

Why it might not be for you: Gift cards are great in lots of ways, but there are downsides such as forgetting to use them before they expire. If cash is better for you, get paid in cash. Here are my rules for using gift cards.

3. Check for semi-regular opt-in bonuses

A few times every month both Topcashback and Quidco have additional bonuses for existing members.  Sometimes they’re exclusive to Premium/Plus members. These usually range from 50p to £5, with a minimum spend between £1 and £10. I tend to spot them more with Quidco than Topcashback.

This is basically extra free money on top of any cashback you earn from the retailers. I’ve probably made an extra £27 or so this way over the last 12 months.

To find these you usually need to check the homepage for each cashback site. Then you need to click an opt-in button. Once you’ve done that use the site as normal. The deals are often limited and tend to last just one day.

4. Get cashback in physical shops

This fourth option isn’t as good as the others but it’s handy to know about. Both sites also allow you to add certain cashback deals to your debit or credit card, meaning you can still claim the money back if you shop in-store rather than online.

You’ll need to register your card and then both sites require you to activate each offer. Some are specific to a Visa card or a Mastercard, and there are only selected retailers. You’ll probably get better rates online too – but it’s a good extra if know about.

5. Not signed up to a cashback site?

Right, before you just go over and enter your details… STOP.

New members can get some fantastic sign-up offers, ranging from £10 or £12 and going as high as £16 (hint: sign up for my weekly newsletter for the latter). To help you get the best bonus I keep an updated list of the new member best deals.

Once you’re signed up you can also refer your friends, earning yourself between £5 and £15 a go – once they’ve earned £10 cashback themselves.

> Click here to read my guide to getting a new member bonus from Quidco and / or Topcashback

Cashback sites: Boost with an up to £16 sign up bonus from Quidco and Topcashback


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