Cash Chats #100 – How to get hundreds of pounds of cash for free

This week, to celebrate 100 episodes, I’m going to share with you some easy ways to get free money. And lots of it.

There’s no need to faff around with filling in surveys. No buying things you wouldn’t normally buy, or getting part of the money back. No fees or subscriptions. No upfront payments. This is all from just normal spending. 100% Profit.

You’ll get hard cash or in a few cases gift vouchers – not money off or discounts. Not predicted savings by switching. Actual cash. And the money will be yours. 

The money won’t be overnight in your bank account. Some of this could take a few months, possibly longer. But if you’ve got a bit of time, I think it’s well worth it. 

Some of the payments are small, starting at just a few quid. Some are huge, up to £175. You might not be able to do all of them, but I hope you’ll be able to get at least £100, if not five times that much.




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Giveaway details

As part of the 100th episode celebrations, I’m giving four listeners £25 john Lewis gift cards.

All you need to do is leave me a review and a rating on Apple Podcasts on your phone – or it could still be via iTunes on a computer. Then I need you to screen grab your review and email me at [email protected]. Instructions on how to do this can be found at

This giveaway closes at midnight on 31st December 2019. I’ll then put all those emails together in a hat and pick out four winners. If you’re successful I’ll email you in early January with further details.

One thought on “Cash Chats #100 – How to get hundreds of pounds of cash for free

  1. Money is not “free”. Somebody less well off page for it.


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