Clever Sites: MySupermarket

Clever Site: MySupermarket Clever Sites to help you make, save and manage money. This week: Supermarkets MySupermarket let’s you compare prices in different supermarkets to see where is the cheapest place to shop. Register an account to help you compare local to your area. Then choose the supermarket you want to check. It covers all the majors – Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Ocado as well as Aldi, Boots and Superdrug. Search as you would any online shop but the difference is when you click on an item, it’ll show you the current price at other supermarkets. You can also browse all that supermarket’s offers, and the site has a great ‘savvy offers’ section which details anything 30% less than it’s average price. You can also look at an item’s average price over the last twelve months, so you know whether they’ve just hiked up the prices for a few weeks previously to then say it’s on offer. You can then chose where you want to shop and have a list of what you are going to buy and how much it’ll cost. You’ll save time and money once you get there. Alternatively, you can add items to your shopping basket as you go along and proceed trough to the supermarket’s own online shop to finish the order. As you do this you’ll see the price of the basket in the different shops, so you’ll know where is cheapest. If you do swap supermarkets, double check everything in the basket is the same as substitutions do happen. MySupermarket also often have their own extra cashback deals and some coupons so it’s worth going to them rather than direct to Tesco or Ocado etc. I really find this site useful – it’s probably one of my most used money saving sites. Of course sometimes you only have one nearby shop, but it can really help you spend less. Click here to join MySupermarket. Read our 9 Tips To Cut Your Supermarket Spend article for more tips on paying less on groceries.