£5 Morrisons voucher in The Sun

Free £5 Morrisons voucher in the Sun if you collect 21 vouchers.

Pick up 21 (!) copies of The Sun from Monday 29th February until 26th March and you’ll be able to cash them in for a £5 off voucher.

I’m afraid I don’t have any details on minimum spend or when it expires. Check back for more info.

This isn’t as good a deal as previous offers, and I don’t think worth going for unless you already buy the paper every day.

The cheapest way to do this is to buy Monday to Friday papers rather than weekend editions. That’ll cost you £8.70, so effectively it’s a discount on the papers rather than a free voucher.

It’s also worth noting that the last offer like this from the Sun last Autumn was a total disaster for many readers. You can see some of their frustrations in the comments below.

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Free vouchers in the Sun newspaper

Quite a few times last year you could pick up the newspaper for 40p to get £5 off a Morrisons shop. Some where off meat, others fruit and veg.

There was usually a £10 minimum spend. Though they were one per customer though there was nothing stopping you making more than one visit. Last time around you could use it with other offers such as 3 packs for £10 or reduced items.

Check back to see if they return!

This vouchers also had a code to use online at Morrisons.com.

108 thoughts on “£5 Morrisons voucher in The Sun

  1. Elizabeth Frazer April 21, 2016 at 12:11 pm

    The sun should not do promotions for companies unless the those companies adhere to the rules,which quite plainly dont, Morrisons seem to be the worse,they are so so SLOW, And also I did not get my Razor,

  2. Saved all my tokens for £5 Morrisons voucher but don’t have an application form.

  3. What address do u send the tokens to for Morrison’s voucher

    1. Can anyone help Emma?

      1. I would also like to know this address please.

      2. can anybody tell me the address for this £5.00 voucher with the sun please

    2. i am also looking for that address as well 🙁

    3. The Sun Morrison Offer PP BOX 7778.. Colchester CO2 8WH …. you will find an entry form in a few of the papers. Send your name and address in block capitols along with 21 tokens

      1. Great, thanks for sharing this Coleen.

    4. PO BOX not PP box sorry 🙂 *capitals

  4. I wrote to weeks ago re fusion razor and morrisons voucher which iam still waiting for I got Tesco voucher
    sometime ago I wait on your reply [edited by asmin]

    1. Hi Douglas, I’ve deleted your contact details from your post to protect your data. I’m unfortunately unable to help as I’m not part of The Sun. However, if you contact them directly you should be able to find out what’s going on.

  5. Andy

    The Sun tell.me my application for the £10 Morrison’s voucher was not.received which I don’t believe because I had a live chat with an agent and they told me my voucher would be with me by the middle of Jan – any suggestions as to.what I should do?

    1. Hi Carole, I think go back on live chat and explain what you were told when you first talked to them. If they are adamant they didn’t receive it I don’t think there’s much you can do, though it’s been a huge mess for them so you could push them for a good will gesture of another voucher. If not, ask about their complaints process and submit via that. Good luck with it, and let me know how it goes

  6. I contacted the sun just after Xmas and was told my voucher would be with me by mid Jan. I contacted them yesterday and they said my application had been unsuccessful an I would not receive the voucher! I’m so angry about this. I also didn’t receive the razor either but did receive the Tesco voucher. After reading g all the comments on this website I think there is some sort of cover up going on. I’ve emailed them again stating I expect to receive both by return or I am going to get in touch with BBC Watchdog.

  7. Still waiting for my morrisons £10 voucher and razor offer now 27th jan 2016 what is happening will I be receiving them in the future a reply would be appreciatd

    1. Ah, that’s crazy. I did chase the Sun and was promised a reply… I didn’t get one but then people’s vouchers seemed to be coming through. Have you contacted them directly?

  8. Still waiting for free razor was there any free given away or was it to buy more newspapers can the sun reply lots of people waiting

  9. I am still waiting for my £10 morrisons my in laws recived theirs an I posted mine 2 days before them

  10. Have just received my morrisons voucher today January 11th and I posted it on October 31st i think.

    1. It’s a massive c*ck up isn’t. At least you’ve got yours now Lesley.

  11. Today is Jan 11th 2015 and still not received my Morrison’s £10 voucher, don’t expect to get them now, will be the last time I fall for a newspaper con, this is the 3rd time I have collected from the papers and have never received anything

  12. January 9th and still no mail received

  13. just realised that I had not received the Morrison’s gift card I sent for last year contacted there chat line they checked and said it would be sent tomorrow as they are behind , I think they are hoping people are going to forget about them as it is a massive co-k up

  14. Well still waiting on my £10 voucher but still nothing is this just a con or what not a happy customer

  15. I am still waiting as well for my morrison voucher from the sun newspaper promo, it is already December 30, so sad this voucher, is not like Tesco promo in the Sun, it comes quick by the post.

  16. After leaving my comment on 3rd Dec I’m happy to report that my £10 Morrisons voucher finally arrived yesterday (23rd Dec). Better late than never I suppose. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. hi can you tell me if you received ur vouchers as i am still waiting and its now 9/1/16

  17. december 23/12/15 still wating for my morrisons voucher for ten pounds, was this offer a con trick

  18. I sent off 4 my Morrison’s voucher in plenty of time still have not received them and its now 21st December I asked about it in Morrison’s they said there had been a mix up and he told me to ring up the sun was hoping to get it by xmas. How long do they need for gods sake.

  19. I too have not received my £10 morrisons voucher or my free razer, I sent the coupons straight the way ,with a first class stamp on, Is it a con , I might change my newspaper

  20. Still waiting for my vouchers
    What a rip off

  21. I sent all the vouchers back on or around 27th Oct and as yet still no voucher. Are these still being distributed. I have done my part.

  22. Still not received my £10 voucher for morrisons or my shaver and it’s the 18th of dec

  23. Where are my Morrisons Vouchers?????????
    I spent 4 pounds for nothing;I get the Daily Mail;It is disgusting

  24. I returned the vouchers at the end of October and have heard nothing, the same thing has happened to friends (posted on different dates). Isn’t it time that this was given some publicity, perhaps everybody should contact BBC Watchdog use the following https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/contact

  25. hi my husband has not recieved the £10 voucher for morrisons or the razor i have read everyones comment and glad we are not the only ones , i have noticed some have recieved them but we still have not and its 16th dec x

  26. Same here collected all sun vauchers still waiting for tenner. No news and its 16 December. Hope i get it or lost in post?

  27. Very disappointed in the sun about my £10 voucher what if we didn’t buy their paper

  28. Like everyone else, we have not received the Morrisons voucher and also the free shaver, its very disappointing and someone from the SUN should be doing something about it. These missing vouchers are not isolated cases its appears to be much more. We did receive Tesco free 10.00 gift card.

  29. I applied to morrissons tescos and Gillette offers..all straight away.The tescos one arrived Saturday the others have not. Apparently Gillette only had 7 thousand got give away.

  30. Even though I sent my vouchers off the day after the 10th token was issued I’m still waiting. I also collected the tesco ones and received it a while ago
    Sandra from Washington

  31. I saved all the coupons to also a freind in work have rieceived nothing it’s Dec 13th still no joy

    1. i have recieved the sun tesco and morrisons vouchers after along wait i am still waiting for the razor so there is hope?

  32. Yes the same as us coupons for £10.00. voucher and razor sent but nothing in return. Why do we put our trust in these offers and the businesses that promote them, clearly a way of getting people to buy their products.

    1. We’ve done the same, sent of the vouchers not received anything!

  33. I have saved my ten tokens and sent them off around 2 months ago it’s very disappointing seen as I did my part of the terms and conditions

  34. I, like many others have not received my £10.00 Morrisons voucher. I kept my side of the bargain collecting 10 sun tickets and posted them away. it has been well over a month since they were posted. Shame on you the sun.

  35. I did 10.00 tesco and 10.00 morrision not received either

  36. My Morrisons £10 arrived this morning (5th December)

  37. I am delighted I have finally received my Morrison voucher 4th december Hurrah

    1. That’s great! Sounds like they’re starting to arrive for people

      1. Any idea when we are going to get the vouchers, I’ve still not received mine and was hoping to put them towards my Christmas shop.

  38. I sent off my vouchers in good time and even registered the envelope at the local post office. Had forgotten about until today when a reminder on my phone jogged my memory. Can’t understand what is taking The Sun so long to sort this out. Was relieved to see others on here have the same experience so at least I know mine wasn’t lost in the post. They have our email addresses from the form completed they could at least email everyone to say there is a delay or something. I think The Sun is a pathetic organisation.

  39. my £10 voucher has arrived today 3/12

    1. That’s great. Hopefully more are on the way soon

  40. I really don’t know how they are able to get away with this. I applied for the Morrison coupon and razor.
    No reply. They are so quick to dish that it is about time the dirt was dished on them. Another kind of NOTW cockup????…….

  41. Still waiting on my Morrisons £10 and Razor too. However I did receive the £10 Tesco card (that was the offer in The Sun just before the Morrisons tokens started) if that helps. It’s probably a case of The Sun being behind with sending them out I guess… I’d give it another week.

  42. I also sent for the ten pound voucher and the free razor, still not got them. Spoke to Morrisons and they say its down to the sun, Cant get any where with the sun.

  43. Sent our vouchers off….. Still no reply or our £10 voucher.. Also sent off for free razor. Is this all a con from the Sun

  44. Does anyone know of anybody that has had a £10 coupon or is it just a con?

  45. I posted first class my Morrison coupons on 26th October am still waiting for my voucher

  46. it just a con from the sun and morries about the ten pound vouchers

  47. carl william gosling November 26, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    How long do we have to wait for these bloody vouchers or is it a con ?????????

    1. You’re not alone. I’ve had dozens of readers get in touch who are also still waiting. You’ll need to contact the sun directly. I’ve had a look and the best I can find is a phone number here


      If you hear anything from them, please let me know so I can add it to the blog for other readers.

    2. I have not received mine I live in Colchester and it was a Colchester address, posted them on time must be a con,will contact Watchdog.

      1. I didn’t collect the codes this year but I did a similar thing with The Sun a while ago and there was a loooooong wait. Try calling them – or Morrisons – to see if you get an answer.

  48. mrs corrigan 39 garwood road b26 2an November 23, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    i would like to know why ihave not received my 10 pound voucher from the sun

    1. Hi Mrs Corrigan, I’m not involved in the promotion or The Sun in anyway. You’ll need to contact the Sun yourself. I’ve had a look online and there’s a phone number here you can try https://media.info/newspapers/titles/the-sun

  49. hello i sent my ten tokens off the same day the tenth one was printed in sun but ive still not received any voucher yet have they been posted yet or is there a backlog

    1. Hi John, I’m afraid I’m not connected to the Sun or Morrisons so you’ll need to get in touch with them directly. Let me know if you get any information as you’re not the only person waiting.

      1. ok thank you for your reply ,i dont know how to contact the sun?

        1. I’ve had a look online and there’s a phone number here you can try https://media.info/newspapers/titles/the-sun

  50. Steve. November 18th at 9.30 am still haven’t received sun/ morrisons £10 voucher how long does it take

    1. I saved 10 different numbered tokens sent off 26th October haven’t still received anything

    2. Hi Steve, I’m afraid I don’t know. I’ve contacted The Sun but had no response. You’ll need to get in touch with them directly. Let us know if you hear anything.

  51. Address to send vouchers to

    1. Hi, I’ve not been collecting the vouchers so you’ll have to contact the Sun directly, unless anyone else can help.

  52. Will there be any extra tokens printed as I’ll be 1-2 short as you can’t have the same number twice and I will have 8 so will be 2 short

    1. Hi Fiona. Afraid I can’t help you there. You could try asking on forums to see if anyone has a spare codes. Or contact the Sun to see if they can help.

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  54. How long does the voucher take to come

    1. Hi Kimberly, my experience of The Sun is that it can take a while. Go to your account and try a live chat with their helpdesk.

  55. I can’t find out how to claim my 10pound morrinsons voucher I have banked 15codes

    1. Hi Rosina, I’ve had a look at The Sun site and I think the best option is to contact them directly. There’s a live chat option

  56. l am wondering what you have to spend 10pound on as it does not state clearly what it has to be spent on

    1. Hi Ronnie, my understanding is that it doesn’t matter, as long as the total is over £10

  57. Hi id like to know what vouchers are in tomorrows paper

    1. Hi Luqman, afraid I don’t know but if it’s anything exciting I’ll post it in the deals section, on on this page if it’s another Morrisons / Sun deal

  58. I’ve had this email from a reader called Shirley which might be useful for others:

    “I have tried to enter my code number which was fine but then it takes you to join sun+ which you have to sign up and pay for is this right or can you do this without signing up for sun+”

    Here’s my reply to her

    “Thanks for asking. I’ve looked into this and it seems that you get a month’s free trial with the first code. So you shouldn’t be paying. Then you get the voucher once you’ve entered the remaining codes.

    There’s more information in the FAQ’s on their site https://www.thesun.co.uk/join

    They have an online chat function which could be your next step if it does want to charge you. Have you had Sun+ before? That could be a reason it wants you to pay.”

  59. Any offers in paper tomoz

    1. Hi Cath. There’s £5 off £40 at Aldi in The Mirror, and £5 off £15 of stationary in The Sun. So not as good but could be useful for someone.

  60. The offer is in the sun tomorrow I believe

    1. Thanks Claire! I’ve been looking for info but not found any yet. It’ll be great if it is.

  61. Someone has just posted an image of tomorrow’s paper- no voucher but £3 off £13 spend at pound land

    1. Thanks Gayle. Yes, no luck this week!

  62. Any updates about tomorrow’s voucher please.

    1. Nothing yet! As soon as I hear either way I’ll update here and tweet/post on Facebook

  63. Hi. Ive heard you can use the vouchers in other supermarkets like tesco. Is this true? Im miles away from a morrisons 🙁

    1. It’s possible. I’ve read that some Tesco stores are taking them but not all. You could try calling your local one and see what they say.

  64. What page is the voucher on?

    1. Hi Ruth, You’ll find it on page 11.

  65. I phoned head office 2 days ago, marketing dpt. and it was confirmed snd is National

    1. Great, thanks Tootsie. I hope you’re able to stock up on some good deals!

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