The best of 2020

Catch up on my top articles, podcasts and videos from the last 12 months.

Over the last 12 months I’ve written 172 articles, recorded 64 episodes of my Cash Chats podcast and uploaded 84 videos to YouTube. And that’s not including countless deals posted here on the blog and Instagram!

No doubt even the most regular readers among you won’t have managed to take in all that money-saving and making content. So here’s a look at the highlights that are still well worth a look.

I’ve shared the most read, listened to and viewed over the year, which lends an obvious bias to content produced earlier in the year, so for each category I’ve also shared my personal favourite from the last couple of months.

The blog

It’s been a record year for visits to this site. In total 1.2 million people came to Be Clever With Your Cash reading a total of just over 1.6million pages.

Deals were as ever a huge part of the traffic, but here are the most read articles published this year:

And my favourite article from the last few month is my look at the reasons you might want to shop less at Amazon.


I started to take YouTube a bit more seriously this year and that focus has worked, with subscribers jumping from around 500 to 4,100.

The most viewed videos created this year were:

From the most recent videos, my picks is this guide to cashback credit card hacks.

Cash Chats podcast

It was also the biggest year for my podcast, which was featured as one of the top money podcasts by Apple, Stylist, the i, The Sun and others.

The most listened to episodes this year were:

One of the more recent ones which I really enjoyed was this chat with Matt Alwright (BBC’s Watchdog) about our consumer pet hates.

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