Tesco reduces boost value of Clubcard points from 16 June 2023

You’ll only get double, not triple, value from June.

In the first major change since 2018, you’ll get less for your Clubcard points if you choose to boost them. Here’s more on what’s happening and when, and how you can beat the change – if you’re quick.

Tesco Clubcard voucher and card

What is changing?

*Update – you’ve now got until 23:59 on Thursday 15 June to make your swap at the old rate *

From 14 June 2023 you’ll only get double the value for Tesco Clubcard points when you swap them to use with a reward partner. This is a reduction from triple value.

Since a Clubcard point is worth 1p when used in Tesco stores, it’ll instead increase to just 2p rather than 3p when boosted.

It’ll happen across the board, though there will still be a handful of point redemptions which remain at one-to-one, such as using in Tesco stores or on Tesco Mobile.

There’s also a temporary extension from six to 12 months to use any rewards you buy between now and the change date.

How to boost Clubcard points for rewards

In order to use Clubcard points you need to get them converted into Clubcard vouchers. You can wait for the Clubcard voucher to be issued every quarter, usually via email now. The next one will be in with your Clubcard statement in May. The supermarket will only swap over balances of at least 250 points.

However if you don’t want to wait, or have less than 250 points, you can get them instantly as “Faster Vouchers” from the Tesco app or your online Clubcard account.

Here you’ll need a minimum of 150 points and then further multiples of 50 points (so 200, 250, 300 and so on). You can also do this after you receive the May statement voucher, as long as you have at least 150.

Once you’ve converted the points into vouchers, they’ll show in your Clubcard account and can be redeemed on the Clubcard site with any of the partners listed there. This includes things like Disney+, Railcards, cinema tickets and days out. There will be a minimum redemption value of 50p, though this may be higher.

You’ll select at checkout which voucher you want to use. If your voucher is worth more than the redemption the change is applied back to your Clubcard account, and you’ll need to convert those points back into a voucher.

If you don’t have enough points for redemption you can usually top this up with another payment method, though at the boosted price. So if you have a £1 voucher but need £1.50 to get a £4.50 reward you’ll pay an extra £1.50 in cash.

When to use your Clubcard vouchers

It makes sense to use your points before 14 June 2023 on the Clubcard site, but only as long as there’s a suitable reward partner. If nothing appeals to you, then you may as well keep hold of them in case this changes, even at a lower boost value. Or you could just use them in the supermarket itself.

If there is a partner offer you think you would use, do check there aren’t other offers available elsewhere that give the same discount without using your vouchers. For example, it’s often easy to find 40% off vouchers for some of the restaurants available via Clubcard, or two-for-one deals at theme parks.

When there is a swap you want to take advantage of, I’d also wait until nearer the deadline as it’ll give you the chance to convert more of your points into vouchers and use them in a single transaction.

Where to use your Clubcard vouchers

I’ve written in detail about the best places to use your points, but my top picks are:

  • Disney+ (800 points aka £8 for three months worth £23.97)
  • Charity donations (50 points aka 50p worth 50p)
  • Vue tickets (50 points aka 50p for £1.50 credit)
  • Railcards (100 points aka £1 for £3 credit)


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