Save money on Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker at home

The cheapest ways to watch the latest Star Wars movie at home

The final film in the Star Wars saga is now available to rent or buy. And it’s also going to be available to stream from May the 4th on Disney and NOW TV, as well as be on Sky Cinema – months earlier than would normally happen.

If you missed it at the cinema then here are the cheapest ways to watch it.

Disney+ – Free / £3.99 / £5.99

Along with all the other Star Wars films you’ll be able to stream the film from May 4th. There’s a 7-day free trial, or you can pay £5.99 for a month of the service. Or O2 customers can get £2 off that price.

This is my top pick as it also gives you access to the entire series of The Mandalorian – an original Star Wars drama. Plus you can watch more TV and films from the Disney, Marvel and Simpsons brands.

> Sign up to Disney + free trial

> Sign up to Disney +

NOW TV – Free / £2.99

You can also get a 7-day Sky Cinema pass trial on NOW TV if you’ve not used it before.

If you’re an existing customer then you can pick up a cheap pass for a month. Either £2.99 from Amazon or £3.49 from CD Keys. The latter will be emailed to you rather than posted so you might want to pay an extra 50p for that.

> Get a free 7 day trial of Sky Cinema on Now TV

> Get a cheap Sky Cinema pass on Amazon

> Buy a cheap Cinema NOW TV pass on CDKeys

Sky Cinema

If you already have Sky Cinema via the likes of Sky and Virgin then you don’t need to do anything as the film will be available to watch from the 4th.

Rent from £1.75

You’ll want to avoid Sky Store as it’s the most expensive option at £5.49.

Better is to use another service. If you are new to Chili you’ll get a 50% off code when you sign up. This will make the film £1.75 in SD or £2.25 in HD from Chili.

Or if you take out a free 90-day trial of Tastecard you can get £1 off rentals at Rakuten. So SD will be £2.49 and HD will be £3.49.

> Get a free trial of Tastecard

> More on the latest deals to rent movies

DVD from £8.99

The DVD is £9.99 at lots of shops, including HMV and Amazon and a tenner at Tesco and other supermarkets.

However, sign up to the Zoom newsletter and you’ll get 10% off your first order of DVDs or Blu-rays, making it £8.99

Blu-Ray from £13.49

As with above you can get 10% off the Blu-ray at Zoom, making it £13.49 rather than the £14.99 you’ll see in most shops.

4K from £22.49

And once more the cheapest is Zoom thanks to that 10% new customer discount. You’ll pay £22.49 rather than £24.99


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