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Cheap movie rental and purchases vouchers and offers.

Here’s my guide to the cheapest ways to rent movies, including how to get them by post. Below are any current deals I spot for rentals or digital purchases.

If you’re looking for ways to save on streaming subscriptions like Netflix and Disney +, them check out this deals page here.

Amazon Instant Video

This is different to Amazon Prime Video as these are titles not included that you have to rent separately. You have a month to start watching rentals, and then 48 hours once you first press play.

£1.99 new releases for Prime members

Amazon often has new rentals for £1.99 if you’re with Prime. You’ve 30 days to start watching the film. 

> Rent a movie from Amazon Prime

> Not got Prime? Sign up for a free trial  


Cheap rentals via Tastecard

If you have a Tastecard you can get reduced Rakuten rentals. An SD rental costs £2.99, HD costs £3.49 and UHD costs £3.99. This is far cheaper than everywhere else if you can’t get any of the other offers. It’s possible to get a Tastecard free trial for three months here.

> Get a free Tastecard

24 free rentals a year via Halifax

The Halifax Reward account offers two HD rentals a month – but there are conditions. Here’s more information.

12 free rentals a year with Lloyds

Or you can open a Club Lloyds current account and choose to get a Rakuten rental every month. To avoid a monthly £3 fee you need to pay in £1,500 a month (though it doesn’t need to stay there). 


Rentals last for 28 days before expiring, or 48 hours once you start watching.

First time user 50% off

The first time you sign up you should be able to get your first rental half price. The discount code is usually automatically applied at check out, but check first.

20% off with HSBC and Lidl

You can buy a £10 Chili voucher for £8 from both the Lidl loyalty app and if you have an HSBC current account.

With both the credit expires on 31st March 2021 and you can only add on £10 credit to your account a month. The credit also can’t be used with other promotions or codes, and you can only use it to rent movies, not purchase them.

Money off codes

Most months, Chili has a code that’ll get you 50% off up to two rentals or purchases, or something similar. I’ll post here when I spot these.

> Rent or buy at Chili 

Free credit on Vodafone

If you have Vodafone’s VeryMe loyalty app there is often a credit or offer for a rental or sometimes £10 to spend on a selection of movies. Here’s more about VeryMe and how anyone can get it.

Free rental via Snatch app (*May have ended)

If you are able to claim this offer still, please let me know as I since I’ve done it myself there’s no way to check it’s still active!

A game called Snatch, a bit like Pokemon Go, is giving away a free Chili rental when people sign up and go through “training”. It launched last week and I signed up to give it a go. It took a couple of minutes to download it to my phone, set it up and complete the tasks required. And once finished, and I opened my parcel, I had a £5.49 credit to use at Chili. You need to add it to your Chili account within a few days, but it remains valid on there until the of the year.

There’s the potential for more prizes, including additional free rentals if you then continue to play the game where you need to collect and then protect virtual parcels. These parcels open after six hours, and you’ll get your reward. However, having tried this for a week, and collected or snatched 73 parcels, I only got one other rental. And all the other offers I got were very poor indeed. So I’m not going to carry on. However, these could improve as time goes on, so let me know in the comments if you have any success.

> Download and sign up to Snatch to get a free Chili rental

Sky Store

Personally I think you should avoid Sky Store as it’s the most expensive of all the rental sites, with even SD versions of new releases costing a huge £5.49. However it’s possible to get freebies from time to time which are worth nabbing.

Asda Pizza and movie deal

Buy two medium pizzas and a drink meal deal from Asda stores and you can claim a free Sky Store voucher.

The pizza must come from the pizza counter in-store, and will be labelled as a “Movie Nights In Meal Deal”. It’ll cost £5 in total.

To claim your voucher, worth £5.49, you need to visit within seven days of buying the food and upload a photo of your receipt.

You’ll then get sent a code to add to your Sky Store account within a week, but you’ll have a year to actually use the credit.

Thanks to the SkintDad blog for bringing this offer to my attention!

Google Play

Google Play offers are few and far between nowadays, but it’s worth keeping an eye on your account for special promos.

> Rent a movie from Google Play

Up to 4% off Google Play gift cards

The website CD Keys usually has a small discount of around 4% on Google Play gift cards.

iTunes / Apple Video

If you choose to rent or buy via iTunes then check out the latest iTunes discount codes and offers.