Five ways the summer will save me cash

Summer officially started on Monday, and the weather finally looks like it’s ready to join in.

It’s a great time to cut some spending, even if that’s just to have some extra cash to fund taking advantage of outside events and longer days.

Here are five ways I’ll be saving money this summer:

1. Cancelling my subscriptions

The sun is shining (hopefully) so that means less time indoors. I won’t use Netflix or Spotify Premium as much – I won’t miss anything either as all the new box sets and albums will still be there come autumn.

If it rains, even though normal TV might be dominated by Wimbledon and other sports, I’ve plenty of DVDs lying around. Failing that iPlayer and All4 have plenty to keep me going.

I will be keeping NOW TV though – at least to see the end of the fantastic Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley, and there are plenty of deals that will get it pretty cheap.

In fact it’s worth just checking if there’s anything you pay for regularly that you just won’t use and see if you can get some money back. If you’re a gym bunny, you might be able to take your exercise to the park and cancel your membership.

2. Walking instead of getting the bus or tube

Yeah, not everyone can do this – it would take me three and a half hours to get to work (thanks to Google Maps for that one) – but I’ll do this on shorter journeys.

I won’t save much cash, especially with the capping on Oyster that happens in London, but if you live near enough to work you can completely cut the cost of your commute.

3. Drinking and eating outside

No, not hanging around street corners with a bottle of White Lightening!

I’m a big fan of craft beer, and this doesn’t come cheap. You can easily pay north of £5 for a pint in London.

Summer brings me more options. I can head to pop up bars which sell cheaper bottles, I can invite people over to mine to relax in the garden, or I can buy a few bottles from an offie for an impromptu picnic in the park.

You could make your own grub to really save costs, but even grabbing some hummus and crisps from the supermarket will be cheaper than a restaurant charging £2 for a coke.

If you want to find the cheapest supermarket to buy your alfresco treats, the comparison app MySupermarket is a god send.

4. Going to free events

I probably will spend a little more on outdoor events (ok I already have with Secret Cinema and a festival), but there are plenty of fairs, festivals and other free things going on as well.

So I’ll be able to keep myself amused at those instead of heading to the cinema, gallery or a gig.

5. Not buying bottles water

I’m not a coffee or tea drinker but I make do with water from the tap at work. But as soon as I get out and about in the summer the heat means I’m often quenching my thirst with bottles of water.

That can be quite pricey on whole days out, which is why I was excited (I say excited, as excited as you can be about a website about water) to find I’ve reviewed it as a Clever Site, but essentially you can search for businesses and bars that will top up your own bottle for free!

Will you be saving or spending this summer?


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