Clever Site #33: Find free water when you’re out

As the weather heats up, you’re more likely to be buying bottles of water to keep you cool – but you don’t have to with!

I’ve found this website and app that’ll tell you where to get a water bottle refilled for free.

How it works is a lovely little initiative. Both in the website and app you can enter your postcode to find a business that will refill your water bottle – and not charge you.Simple as that.

Though want you to buy an aluminium bottle (it’s more friendly to the environment), you’ll still be able to fill up a plastic bottle.

A 500ml bottle of water can cost anything from 40p to well over a quid – and let’s ignore the extortionate pricing you get at railway stations!

It might not seem much but on average bottled water is 500 times more than tap water! Personally I rarely taste the difference between bottled and tap, so it just feels like a total waste of cash.

Of course, you might already be pretty savvy and buy in bulk from the supermarket and refill your bottle for a few days (you shouldn’t do it for too long as the plastics are meant to contaminate after a while).

Even then I think his app comes in handy for when you are out and about and don’t have access to a tap or water cooler.


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