eBay ditches Nectar from September

You don’t have long to spend your points on eBay

First eBay announced it’ll stop American Express payments, and now it’s also ending its partnership with Nectar.  Here’s what you need to know.

What’s changing?

At the moment you can earn and spend Nectar points at eBay by connecting your two accounts. You get the standard one point per £1 spent, and it’s the same 0.5p per point when spending.

There are often some boosted offers too, allowing you to collect more, such as 10x points or a set number of bonus points. There have also been, admittedly rare, deals where your Nectar points have been increased in value if used to buy things on eBay, such as the recent £25 voucher for £12.50 of points.

But sadly these are all going to end. From 1 September 2024 you’ll no longer be able to spend or automatically earn Nectar points on eBay. On this date your accounts will be unlinked.

Since there aren’t many places to use your Nectar points other than Sainsbury’s, Argos and eBay, losing this big partner means you’ve got a much reduced offering.

It’ll also mean the end of “double” discounts on eBay. At the moment you can earn both Nectar points on your spending alongside another form of reward, such as more Nectar points or cashback.

Do I need to do anything?

If you don’t plan to spend your existing points on eBay then you don’t need to do anything. The unlinking of the eBay and Nectar accounts is automatic. Any Nectar points you automatically collect at eBay between now and August 31, will be added to your Nectar account as normal and will not expire.

But if you do want to use up some of your points, you can still do this. You’ll be able to convert them into eBay vouchers until 31 August 2024. 

And you won’t have to spend them straight away. Any vouchers you have or convert until that date are valid for one year from the day the voucher was created.

If you want to convert your Nectar points to eBay vouchers, the lowest amount you can swap are 500 points, worth £2.50. You can also only swap vouchers in these values: 500, 1,000 (£5), 2,000 (£20), 5,000 (£25) and 10,000 (£50). Of course you can get multiple smaller ones if needed.

There is, however, a minimum spend at eBay of £10 to use the vouchers. You don’t need to pay entirely in vouchers though, as you can part pay in cash.

Collecting Nectar points at eBay from September

You will still be able to earn Nectar points on your eBay purchases – it just won’t be automatic. 

From September 1, you will need to shop on eBay via the Nectar platform to earn points. This will earn you two points for every £1 spent, which works out at 1%. This is double the current rate. 

You just have to remember to click through to eBay via the Nectar app or website. But you can’t combine this with another route, such as a cashback site. 

Though rates vary, you might actually find there’s a better rate if you do go via TopCashback or Quidco instead. Here’s our guide to the best welcome offers.

Where else can I collect and spend Nectar points?

With eBay soon to leave, there are going to be fewer places to spend your Nectar points. We’ve compiled the best places to collect and spend your Nectar points in our summary.


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