Christmas deals and offers 2023

Christmas deals to help you deck the halls for less this year

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, so it’s always good to look out for deals and offers to save a bit of money. We’ve rounded up some Christmas deals and offers for 2023.

Christmas reductions

Buy wrapping paper, tags, bags and cards now

If you want to save yourself money next year then get yourself out to the stores in the days between Christmas and New Year to stock up on wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags and Christmas cards. You can get these for more than 90% off their original prices in some cases.

Just remember where you put it all so you don’t buy it all again next year.

Christmas food offers

Free carrots (for Rudolph!) (expired)

Tesco is giving away free bags of carrots for Rudolph from 20 December until Christmas Eve. There are dedicated stands in its larger stores giving away the free bags of carrots for you to leave out for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve (or cook up for your Christmas dinner).

In addition, Morrisons is giving away free bags of its wonky carrots in its larger stores from 22 December to Christmas Eve.

Reduced Christmas veggies (expired)

Every year in the final week before Christmas, we see supermarkets drop the prices of Christmas veg to mere pennies. Here’s what’s been announced so far:

  • Tesco had reduced its Christmas veg to just 15p including potatoes, brussels sprouts, brocolli, carrots, parsnips, swede and red cabbage. You’ll need to have a Clubcard handy to get the reduction. Make sure you grab your free bag of carrots for Rudolph, too.
  • Aldi has reduced its Christmas veg, with potatoes at 15p and other vegetables at 19p a bag, including a kilo of carrots, 500g of parsnips, 500g of sprouts, red and white cabbages(1kg) and swede.
  • Sainsbury’s will be price-matching Aldi’s prices, but you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a Nectar Card handy to get the discount.
  • Lidl’s Christmas veg went down to 19p on 18 December, including shallots – the only supermarket with onions in the mix.
  • Morrisons has reduced its Christmas veg to 19pm including carrots, parsnips, sprouts and swede. You need to have the Morrisons More card

Christmas advent calendars

Nectar: 12 days of Christmas (ended)

From 13 to 25 December there’s a new offer each day on the Nectar app. On day one there were 100 chances to win 10,000 points.

Lidl: 24 days of Christmas coupons (ended)

In the Lidl+ app there’s a daily advent calendar giving away coupons for Lidl products. Lidl’s being very secretive about what’ll come up, but the first door was a discount on stollen.

You can take part every day from the 1 to 24 December and coupons are valid until the end of the following day. A present will pop up when you open the app, so you can’t miss it.

Cineworld: 24 days of festive treats (ended)

For the countdown to Christmas, Cineworld is running an advent calendar. The best thing it’s given away so far is free popcorn and the chance to win free tickets. There have been child’s activity sheets and recipes, too.

Ikea Advent Calendar (ended)

Ikea is running an online advent calendar, with freebies, discounts and deals on offer. We’re unsure how good this will be, as we can’t see what’s on offer until it’s revealed, but you can open the door every day to find out.

Each offer ends at the end of the day.

Quidco: Countdown to Quidmas (ended)

From 4 December to 18 December Quidco is running an advent calendar where you can get extra cashback on purchases tracked through Quidco.

So far, there’s been 100% cashback from Moonpig and 35% cashback from Toolstation. You can open the advent calendar each day, and the offer is valid for that day only, so you’re unlikely to make use of every single offer.

Plus, if you don’t have Quidco yet, you can get a welcome bonus of up to £17 when you sign up with our link and make your first purchase.

John Lewis: 12 Treats of Christmas (ended)

From 1 until 12 December 2022 you can get a freebie from the John Lewis app. You need to be a member of the free My John Lewis scheme.

The first freebie is a Charlotte Tilbury mini mascara. You’ll have up to 24 hours to open each door on the John Lewis app, and there will be a date to use each offer listed. For the first one (the mascara, it’s 12 December 2023).

However you do need to redeem the offer in a John Lewis store, and not online.

M&S: 12 Days of Freebies (ended)

From 1 until 12 December 2022 M&S is giving away discounts and freebies in the Sparks app.

The freebies could include Prosecco, Panettone and Percy Pigs. There will also be some personalised discounts and offers. You’ll have up to 24 hours to open each door on the M&S website and unlock each reward on M& and 48 hours in the app.

Christmas freebies

Free letter from Santa (ended)

If you want to keep some of the magic alive, you can get a letter from Santa for your little one for just the cost of a stamp. All you’ve got to do is have them write a letter to Santa and post it (don’t forget a stamp!) before 30 November 2023 and you’ll get a response.

Here are Santa’s instructions:

  • Write Santa’s address carefully on the envelope (below)
  • Put a stamp on the envelope so it gets to Santa
  • Include your full name and address in your letter

And here’s Santa’s address:

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

There’s also a downloadable reply if you can’t wait (or leave it too late).

Free Dairy Milk bar (ended)

The Cadbury Secret Santa Postal Service is back! Cadbury is giving out free bars of Dairy Milk. All you have to do is scan the QR code on a poster that you’ll find at bus stops, train stations and on high streets.

Don’t expect to find a poster at every bus stop you pass — there are a few locations on the website, but these won’t be particularly easy to come by!


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